Monday, January 23, 2017

lose the resolutions

Are you still working toward your New Year's Resolutions?
Just last week was "ditch day", the day by which  most people have abandoned their resolutions...were you one of them?
I've seen a lot of commericals for weight loss programs and gyms (one is playing as I type this now) and people posting their desire to lose weight/become healthier this year.
Allow me to let you in on a secret...

The only workout program that works is the one that you actually do.

Three years ago I made a resolve to never be weak by my own fault again.
Then, I put action steps into place in order to make that resolve into a reality.
I had people in my life that I trusted and reached out to them for help.  I knew what did not work, so I decided to try something so different and so new to me that I did not have any idea what I was in for.  Hindsight being 20/20, it is probably best I did not know.  I would have talked myself out of it before even trying it, had I known.

One month of recovery after my final radiation treatment, I pushed play on P90X with Tony Horton and began drinking Shakeology on a daily basis...and I have not looked back since.

What was different this time around?
My why.
It was not focused on an upcoming event.  
It was not just to lose weight.  
It was not centered around me having to "weigh in".
It was simply me wanting to grow stronger.

What I realized along the way was Tony Horton was training me to become mentally stronger even more so than physically stronger.
THAT training has paid off a hundred fold.  And is what keeps me coming back day after day, month after month, and year after year to continue keeping my resolve and challenging myself to work on my weaknesses in order to become stronger.

I choose to work out so I can live out life doing things I enjoy.
With less issues holding me back, I am more free to spend my energy on doing something instead of making excuses not to.

My choice is Beachbody.
You may choose something else.
That is fine.
Just remember whatever you choose is only effectively working if you're actively working.