Tuesday, March 22, 2016

my why

If you’ve achieved any number of years, you will be, or already have been faced with constant transition, challenges, and change.
Born out of these challenges is an opportunity for greatness. Everyone wants to leave a mark on the world, and everyone has something of value. We’re all on a quest to find that one thing that we can finally say “Ah, that’s why! That was my purpose for living.”
~Sandy Peckinpah~
Almost 3 years ago, I was tired of living life on the same old roller coaster.  Unhealthy habits, riding through the days one sugar high then crash after another, and having no sustainable energy led me to simply whisper a prayer for help.
Help for what, you ask...help to find the answers to being healthy, feeling good, and making the outside match the inside of me.  Help to find what works for me to finally discover what I believed to be a "normal" lifestyle felt like.
Through the course of some months' time, and through some unique ways, my prayer became answered.  I covered some of this journey toward answers in previous posts which can be read here, here, and here.
Anyway...currently, I find myself almost two years into my personal lifestyle changes for a healthier version of myself, almost one year into coaching others to finding a healthier version of themselves, and it just occurred to me that I was living a "normal" lifestyle back in the day.  It is what people accept to be okay, know no better to seek to get out from its grasp, and down right refuse to change. What I have now is far from normal; it's considered crazy by more than a few; flatly rejected by others....and it's the BEST life I have ever lived.
Why would I intentionally set myself apart from the norm day after day after day?
Because I am worth it.
Because finding my life after all these years of struggling with weight and self-image is worth it.
Because you are worth it.
Because sharing my story, which has an entire message of hope, encouragement, confidence and strength embedded within it, is worth it.
Because empowering you with what I have learned, experienced, failed at, succeeded with, and (at times) cried through, is worth it.
My why that keeps me drinking Shakeology, surviving cardio with Shaun T, enduring surrenders with Autumn Calabrese, lifting heavy with Sagi Kalev, trying to find rhythm with Chalean Johnson, and laughing through ab work with Tony Horton is the simple fact that doing these things has given me a more abundant life oustide of doing them.
My why that keeps me sharing with you my results with these tools that I have found to work for me is because I believe that you can find and I want you to have the same sort of abundant life outside of them as well.
You can feel better.  You can become stronger.  You can find balance.  You can make a difference in your health.  You can have sustained energy throughout the day.  You can sleep better.  You can keep up with your kids/grandkids.  You can eat healthier.  You can lose weight.  You can feel confident in photos.  You can feel as beautiful as you look.  You can stop hiding behind baggy clothes.  You can be your own boss.  You can have self control over food.  And more.
My why is you.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

I am a Beachbody Coach.

It is a title I now hold.  It is something I worked up courage to take on as a personal endeavor.  It is a way for me to save money on some of my beloved and favorite tools I use daily to achieve fitness and nutrition goals.
Many do not understand my journey to this "job"...nor do they understand the "job" description that comes with it.
Most likely this is because there isn't one to be found.
I write the description for myself.
Every Beachbody Coach writes the description for themselves.
This is a good thing because every individual who takes on being a coach has personalized goals...whys...for which they work.  You choose your whys.  You choose your methods.  You choose your targets at which to shoot.
What being a Beachbody Coach for me is different than most.  Being a coach is a way in which I can promote the tools I have found to help me become most successful at my individual goals where my health is concerned.  The way in which I promote these tools is by being a product of these tools.
My words and pictures reveal which tools are in my arsenal.
My lifestyle reflects how I use these tools.
My transformation speaks of the effectiveness of the tools.
With this, I have written in my job description to share what I have experienced, tried and failed at, succeeded at, found useful, found harmful, enjoyed, endured, endeavored, thrived at, and cried through.
Things I share inspire some. They frustrate and bore others.
It is not in my job description to control how people react or respond to the things I share.
That is neither here nor there for me.  It doesn't have to be.
It is my job to offer to share and pay forward what has brought me thus far on my journey...what I have found to be useful and effective and beneficial for a healthier lifestyle.
Please know it is not personal if I have or have not invited you personally to join me in an accountability group or to do some crazy awesome push up challenge.  It is simply an offer to join in on something that I enjoy.  Just like when I make a good cheesecake, it is even better if and when I share it with others.
My invitation to find a healthier version of your already beautiful self is always open.  It is meant as an offer to find and use tools to personally tweak any part of your lifestyle in the way(s) of your own choosing.
No judgement.
No preconceived notions.
Nothing but an offer to try something new or find something to challenge you in a new way.
I am thankful that my coach shared her story with me (and a few thousand others) over 2.5 years ago.  Her boldness and willingness to share changed my life for the better.
I know I am doing my coaching job well when others find themselves experiencing a healthier version of themselves on this journey we call life because of my sharing and inviting.
Will you join me?  The invite it always open and you are always welcome.