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an extra hour

So, it's time to "fall back" an hour again...time change is upon us. So, we are given this extra hour. What do we do with it? Most will sleep this hour away...some will watch the minutes tick by and wonder if it'll ever end, perhaps. Makes me think about the fact that one time each year, many of us get something we long for many days of our lives...more time.
Spend it wisely.

This weekend I had a chance to spend some time with my best friend from college and her son...aka: Baby J. Love having them come and visit...but always sad to see them go, too. Also had a chance to spend time with others singing in the rain today...that was fun. Gotta watch the "head back" verse while actually singing in the rain, however. :) Love you guys!

Take time today and invest it in someone never know what will happen.

a gentle nudge

Been thinking alot about what a Pastor said in a sermon not too long ago. Talking about the Holy Spirit and how one is able to discern how to make decisions according to how the Spirit leads us. Usually, it was brought out, that often one finds that it's a gentle nudge here and there throughout one's life that leads us exactly to the place of ministry where God wants us to be for His glory. We're nudged out of one place and into another, often without lightning bolts and sirens going off, directing the way.
Sometimes I desire the lightning bolts and sirens...they would be helpful. :) Of course, even I know there are times when God makes it plainly clear how He desires us to move...but others, yeah, not so much. It's in those times, that I find myself in need of quietness so that I can hear how to choose the next step. Not quietness as in a total separation from everything around me, but quietness in that I'm diving into God's Word and spending adequate time in …

Alex's 7th Birthday Party

Alex wanted a bowling birthday party this year, so we invited his friends to an afternoon of bowling on his birthday. Junction Lanes provided a great party....and I do mean provided - they did everything from set up to clean up. We even had our very own "Party Hero" at our service the entire two hours. Everyone seemed to have a great time and I know my two did. The pizza and ice cream cake came along with the party, too, and were good tasting to boot.

Friends, fun, and food make for a great birthday party for a 7 year old.

My life was blessed 7 years ago with my first little boy...and everyday since then I thank God for him and the joy he brings. Love you little man!

Do you believe in superheroes?

I do...two, to be exact! Alexander Henry and Timothy Steven are mine...and they are superheroes in my book. What qualifies one to be a superhero? Well, there are a number of things that come to mind, but for me it only takes a hug and a kiss followed by an "I love you." Pretty simple, isn't it?

Who else can make me smile and be glad to wake up early every morning? They have a sweet way of waking up happy every morning. That to me is superhero stuff right hero is a morning person. Period. And I have been blessed with two little ones who teach me how to get on with my day right from the start...with a good morning greeting to boot. They challenge me to start my morning off right..."Good morning, God!" is a common phrase you'll hear around our house.
What other superhero qualifications do they hold? Consider with me, for a moment, unconditional love...endless admiration...and sincere loyalty. Yes, indeed, they exhibit those things everyday to me, the…

my journey

I had a chance tonight to sit down and share with someone about my journey to Alaska. In doing so, I was able to remember myself some of the ways that God had moved to make that even possible in the first place. And, to remember how He spoke to my heart while there and moved in ways only possible of a God in control of all things. Simply amazing. Both times.
I learned on my journey to Alaska that God allows us to have plans, but He is the true author and finisher of them. He makes things happen that we don't even think of...He lets us watch or sometimes take part to bless us. Blessings we sometimes do not deserve, but receive nonetheless. He also taught me along my journey to take myself out of the equation and let Him make it add up. He always does and gets it right...the first time.
Along the way, some things perspective, my goals, my passion...and I'm so glad they did! God is doing something and it's bigger than me. But, He's allowing me to tak…

Anna's Bridal Shower

On Thursday, October 1st, I threw Anna a Tupperware Bridal Shower, inviting those from our Sunday school class and family members of Anna and Ken. Chrissy does a wonderful job hosting her Tupperware parties and made the night a great time for us all. Good food, great products, and wonderful friends...can't ask for anything more.