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scripture & a snapshot: water edition

between two worlds

"Dear friends, I urge you as strangers and temporary residents to abstain from fleshly desires that war against you. Conduct yourselves honorably among the Gentiles, so that in a case where they speak against you as those who do what is evil, they will, by observing your good works, glorify God on the day of visitation."   1 Peter 2:11-12

Driving home from Indiana yesterday after a wonderful visit with my family, this passage kept coming to mind.  My worlds are very different.  My life in Indiana varies greatly from my life in Georgia.  Neither one better than the other, just different.
Different places...different people...different me.   There are times when in one world, I long for something from the other.   Lunch with a friend, family time, one of the best cinnamon rolls ever made, Grandma's cooking...I miss things like these when in Georgia! Similarly, when in Indiana, I miss the fellowship and worship at my church, eating at my favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican …


"It's practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry."  ~Joe Moore

Amsterdam in a day...

An extended layover in Amsterdam on the way home from Cape Town gave way for an interesting few hours of making our way through the train stations and canals of Amsterdam.
As I was standing in the walkway waiting for the Amsterdam security agents to check passports as we all exited the plane, I was longing for the 80° and sunshine Cape Town had given us as a going away present just a few hours earlier...and knew I was in trouble.  The list of pros of only taking carry-on luggage goes on and on.  However, there is a short list of cons, too.  One of the items on my short list would be no room for tennis shoes.  Although tempted to squeeze them in as I packed for the trip, I told myself I could tough it out in Amsterdam with only my sandals.  "It's only for a few hours.  How bad could it be?" I remember telling myself in a convincing tone.
Um, was more than bad.  It was harsh.
March 8th, 2012 weather in Amsterdam:  maybe 40° F, windy, and 100% chance of rain.

Joining in on the Party!

Welcome!  It is nice of you to come by and visit. I am new to the UBP and am looking forward to visiting other blogs during the party.  It's exciting and an honor to have new and returning visitors to my humble blog.
As my blog title indicates, I am Janet Rose... a Daughter of the King, a wife of 10 years, a mom of two awesome boys, and many other things you'll find me writing about now and again.
I am what I consider a casual blogger...just me jotting down random thoughts and posting photos for the simple pleasure of having a memoir of my journey through life as God directs my footsteps.
Some of my favorite posts would include...
Keep Moving Forward
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Thanks again for stopping by!

reminded of His anointing

"Now it is God who makes both  us and you stand firm in Christ.  He anointed us,  set His seal of ownership on us,  and put His Spirit in our hearts as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come."   2 Corinthians 1:21-22
Responsibility lies on my shoulders to make wise decisions for an entire group of people.  Feeling overwhelmed at times, it is a daily battle against fear and worry.  Once a few more i's are dotted, it will get easier for a time, but for now I go on keeping fear at bay only by the grace of God. God spoke the above verses to me this morning in my daily devotional and my soul leapt for joy at the reminder of His power...His control...His choosing...His anointing. God's got this.   It's going to work out for His glory.   He will show Himself mighty. One step at a time, He will lead me along His path, not only for me, but also for those I am to lead.  He is that awesome!

sprinkler aerobics

85° and sunshine beckons the sprinkler to return to the end of the garden hose.   When there's a sprinkler in the yard, two boys cannot resist running through and jumping over the spray of water. Two boys tremendously enjoying themselves in their own backyard pulls Mama away from her yardwork so she can grab the camera and enjoy the moment with them. In April?

 You bet!

Oh, to be here again...

Missing Alaska today.
Wishing I were there again...especially trekking across Matanuska Glacier.
It was an extraordinary adventure with sunshine, warm temperatures, and my friend, Kim, who loves Alaska as much as I do.
We drove to the address I had for glacier trekking, only to find the little shack in the middle of nowhere closed with a phone number to call for more info.  I called and was informed that an excursion was going to be taking off in just a few minutes, less than two miles from where we were at the time.  So, after backtracking down a gravel road we drove to find the shack in the middle of nowhere, we made our way on down to MICA Tours and prepped for our first ever trek into the heart of a glacier.
We were expecting an hour and a half trek, but the one going out was 3 hours...and for a little more than we expected...but we went anyway.
It was the right thing to do.
On the ride back to where our car was parked, we learned from those with us on our trek that thi…

In Cloud Nine

"When scattered clouds are resting on the bosoms of hills,  it seems as if one might climb into the heavenly region,  earth being so intermixed with sky, and gradually transformed into it."   ~Nathaniel Hawthorne 
Saturday morning in Cape Town smiled sunshine and warm temperatures down upon us. Maybe not so warm to the locals, as it was approaching the end of summer while we were visiting, but to was marvelous.  Table Mountain was on the agenda for the day.  It was going to be a great day to be atop a mountain, I thought, as I walked out of our hotel and beheld the view of the mountain before me.
Then I saw it.   The cloud.   It was looming over the very spot on the mountain where we were headed in just a little while.  It made us laugh for we do have a history of being in high elevations with terrible viewing conditions...this would just be added to the list.  It doesn't disappoint or surprise us anymore.
It is what it is...our a cloud.
The cable car …