Wednesday, July 29, 2015

whitewater rafting

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Awoke to a beautiful day.
Sunshine and warm weather makes me happy.
So do roses.
roses more roses
And mountains.
ground view of Mt. Hood
And adventures.
beginning the adventure Adventures such as whitewater rafting on the White Salmon River in Washington State.
awesomely fun times All Adventures Rafting was an awesome, talented crew, who made the day on the river exciting, memorable, and the best rafting experience I have ever experienced.
the best rapid of the day The great weather, gorgeous landscape, awesome rapids, being with the family, and everything else about the day was perfect.
Our rafting photos are courtesy of All Adventures Rafting.

riding the bull we survived

Oregon or bust!

May 27th, 2015

It is high time to finish posting about my birthday season...we took a vacation to finish out the month of May, so I did not blog any while away.  Couldn't have in some places even if I had wanted to.  A few places remain where a cell phone will not work and there is no wifi.  And, we survived.  Gasp!  
On the afternoon of Wednesday, May 27th, we flew from Atlanta to Portland.
The view of Mt. Hood was stunning from the airplane!a Shortly after arriving, we made our way via rental car to Multnomah Falls, located just outside of Portland.  Much to our surprise, the falls are just a short walk from the parking lot.  It was a beautiful evening to be outside and enjoying a waterfall.
The drive to the falls and further on, then, to our B&B for the night, reminded us all of our drive from Anchorage to Denali National Park.


We stopped to have a late dinner.  We noticed straight away that the small towns roll up their sidewalks around 8 pm. Took us a minute or two to locate an open establishment, but when we did, we were not disappointed.

252The Cascade Locks Ale House in Cascade Locks, OR, (of course) was open yet for another hour.  Asking about what they were known for, we found out that their pizza was the crowd pleaser.  We ordered a pepperoni and a Jamaican Bacon.  Oh. my. goodness.  The Jamaican Bacon pizza was amazing!!!  All of their pizzas had really cool names and most would be on a list to try if we had had more time.

We made our way on to Hood River where we were staying for the night at the Inn at the Gorge.  A quaint B&B, it was.  Wonderful place to relax on our first evening, rest from our time zone hopping journey to the West Coast, and enjoy a tasty breakfast with other guests the following morning.