Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Upstate NY

Leaving Canada the same day we arrived, we camped at Niagara Falls KOA in Upstate NY. After a late dinner of pizza, we settled in for a good night's sleep with visions of a day on the lake for the morrow.  Our dreams were fulfilled beyond belief.  I managed to get in a workout and the boys a day of school before setting out, however.  Life of a homeschooling family.
It was a gorgeous day, unseasonably warm, and not crowded at all.  Perfect.

2014-08-22 001 381
Lunch with a view.
RoadTrip 2014
We rented a pontoon boat for a couple of hours.  The view from the middle of Lake George was even better than from the banks.  The boys swam and fished while Scott and I soaked up some much appreciated sunshine.

2014-08-22 001 437

RoadTrip 2014

We spent some time in the town browsing the stores, mailing postcards, and people watching before heading out to our campground for the night.  We hiked through one campground and found some interesting handmade signs.  The scent of pine was so fresh and sweet smelling.  Different than our Georgia pines and certainly fresher air than most.

2014-08-22 001 341

2014-08-22 001 337
2014-08-22 001 346

Oh, Canada!

RoadTrip 2014

RoadTrip 2014Moved on from St. Louis and headed for northern Indiana to spend the night with my aunt and uncle before heading into Canada via Michigan. Along the way in Illinois, we stopped at a state park to let the boys fish. Tim caught a bass.
RoadTrip 2014
After a wonderful breakfast out with my aunt, uncle, and cousins, the 2nd cousins enjoyed a riveting ball game. A chilly morning, but they were all sweated through by the end. So fun to watch and visit with family we do not get to see very often.
RoadTrip 2014

It was a long driving day, crossing the border, stopping at the infamous Tim Hortons, and discovering that Canada has just as much corn as Indiana.
2014-08-22 001 246

2014-08-22 001 248

357We arrived in Niagara Falls as the sun was setting. Made it to the Falls as dusk fell. The spot lights on the Falls made for great viewing even at night.
2014-08-22 001 287

Meet Me in St. Louis

RoadTrip 2014The first leg of our Roadtrip 2014, was from home to Indiana to meet up with my family.  From there, we headed West to St. Louis for some of America's favorite pastime, baseball.  Not just any baseball, but some St. Louis baseball.
Growing up in So. Indiana, positioned almost directly halfway between two baseball cities, St. Louis and Cincinnati, one would think that I have been a Cardinals or Reds fan all of my life.  While I grew up hearing so much about the Cardinals, their games carried on a local radio station and all, I was not a die hard Cardinals fan. While I have been to a Reds game or two, I was not a Reds fan. I truly enjoy the sport, so I watched as many games as "free" tv would carry and admired good players in the sport from all teams.
During the glory days of the 80's, and perhaps more because I was the youngest in the family, being a fan of either of those teams seemed too easy.  I was a Mets fan first.  Dodgers fan second.  Never been to either of their ballparks, but saw the Mets play against the Cardinals in my first ever live game in St. Louis in 1988 and again against the Braves a couple of years ago.  While I now live in Braves Country, I cannot say I am a Braves fan first and foremost.  My heart still belongs to the Mets.  The Cardinals have moved into second, with the Braves coming in third to keep harmony in the family.  We went to Port St. Lucie, Florida, to the Mets' spring training camp to see the Braves (yeah, right) and "just" saw the Dodgers play the Braves this summer.  I was accused, by some, of wearing "Dodger blue" to the game.  I say it was a coincidence that it was the only sleeveless shirt clean for such a hot afternoon game.  Sounded good to me.
Oh, but I digress...
RoadTrip 2014My family enjoys baseball games.  So, we made a weekend out of going to St. Louis to take in a game, go up in the Arch, and experience St. Louis together.  My husband and boys had never been to St. Louis before this trip.
Having purchased tickets online for the Arch, we knew how much time we had for settling in, finding a lunch spot, and walking to the Arch.  We decided upon an Italian joint on the way to the Arch from our hotel.  It was delicious.  And warm and dry.  Considering we had to wait out a random rain shower (that came out of nowhere) in a bus stop shelter on a corner between our hotel and the restaurant and our hunger levels, it was perfect.
RoadTrip 2014The Arch experience has changed greatly since my last visit in 2001, with increased security and a larger museum, but the view from the top is still magnificent.  (Note:  Take a paper towel or something with you to clean the windows for fingerprint free photos.)
We ventured down to the banks of the Mississippi River for a time after our Arch visit and walked some around the city.  A live jazz band was playing a few blocks up from the river.  Took me back to our trip to New Orleans last year for a moment.
Dinner plans were to be inside the ball park.  A strange phenomenon, never encountered at the Braves stadium, they didn't open the gates early. As hundreds of people were gathered outside the gates, awaiting their entrance, the clouds were gathering overhead as well.  Scott told us to head across the street to a doorway with an overhang because it was about to pour. We no sooner all made it under the cover when the heavens opened up.  It was still several minutes after the rain shower that they finally opened the gates.  Hmm...interesting strategy.
RoadTrip 2014

RoadTrip 2014The new stadium is simply awesome. We had seats facing West, which provided for a beautiful view of the sunset as the game began.  The game itself was good, but got even better once a few of us left the stadium to get some sleep.  Gotta love it when all the exciting plays take place after the 7th inning stretch.  I heard and saw the fireworks from my room and knew those of us who left                                                         early had missed the big comeback.

RoadTrip 2014The next morning, we walked several city blocks to a pretty cool cafe, Rooster.  It is definitely a hot spot for breakfast in the city.  We had some fun in a park/garden/artsy area on the way back to our hotel, too.
It was a great time with family!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

To whom it may concern...

“It's a waste of time worrying about something that worry won't fix; 
it's about as useful as trying to feed your pet rock.”
~Richelle E. Goodrich, Smile Anyway: Quotes, Verse, & Grumblings for Every Day of the Year

So, here's the deal.
In 2013, I whispered a prayer for help in becoming healthier.  That prayer has been answered through a number of ways including inspiring people, hard work (aka sweat and tears), and a new way of eating.
Do you know what the number one response is to me?
"Girl, you're wasting away."
To those of you who have not said this to me, thank you.
To those who have, you're forgiven.
To those who have thought it, but have not vocalized it, read this all the way through and then comment.
Let me explain what I hear when the words "wasting away" are spoken.
Expressed concern...passed judgement...unfounded admonishment.
Although slightly misplaced, let me assure you, the concern you are expressing to me is that I am not taking care of myself any longer.  You are also making a judgement call that I am losing too much weight. This judgement lends an ear to admonishment for "starving" myself, therefore, having an eating disorder.
Let me assure you of a few things...
1) I am taking better care of myself now than ever before in my life.
2a) I have lost weight over a period of 17 months now. Not overnight. Not by a "quick fix" diet. It has been by hard work. The sweat and tears kind of hard work.
2b) I have reached my goal weight and have happily plateaued, but this does not mean I am going to stop working out just as hard.
2c) I have used P90X and other Beach Body workouts for the last seven months.  You may not like them and that's okay.  They work for me.  Do what works for you.
2d) Trust me when I say that I have seen enough doctors and nurses, a bone and joint specialist, a physical therapist, and a chiropractor in the past year's time that if they saw any red flags they would have waved them by now. All they continue to do is ask me how I have done it and applaud my hard work. Hmm...
3) I am eating more food now than before. I am just eating cleaner and healthier foods every day and watching my serving sizes.
4) I love food. I love to bake, cook, and eat food of all kinds. I am not afraid of food. I no longer live to eat. I eat to live. There is a difference. I do NOT have an eating disorder.
What have I gained by losing weight?
workout3 Muscle.  Upper body, lower body, and core. All worked on each week, but not everything everyday.
Confidence.  How else would I be writing this?  How else would I have meddled in a friend's life to ask her if she's ready for her turn at a healthier life?  How else could have I shared before and after photos on social media?
workout5 A means of control.  I control what I eat.  I control if (not always when) I work out.
Energy.  I will not beat you in a foot race any day, but I will run with you.  My daily crashes have gone away and I feel a more steady stream of energy all day long.  My peak will always be evenings, but my mornings have improved greatly!
Support.  I have two accountability groups I engage with each day.  They motivate me and, I have been told by some, they are motivated by me, as well.  We share real life ups and downs.  We leave the comparisons behind and look forward to what goals we share and how to best get there together.
An outlet for stress.  God's grace, Jesus' love, others' prayers, working out, and coffee...cannot forget me through the wait, the diagnosis, the drama, the surgery, the recovery, the anxiety attacks, and the radiation therapy all assoicated with breast cancer.
A better definition of who I am.  No more do I question if I can do something.  I question the motive behind it and the sacrifices necessary to do it.  Then I either pursue it or let it go.  It is not "can I?".  It is "do I want it bad enough?"
So, you see, I am not wasting away.  The next stiff breeze will not knock me over.  If you are waiting for me to fail, my goal is to keep you waiting a long, long time. I tumble out of balance poses, my elbows flare on push ups and pull ups, my squats aren't always deep enough, and I enjoy a good dessert from time to time, but I keep on moving forward.
While I appreciate your concern, I do have one question for you...
Why wait until now to be concerned?
Society has this backwards when it is apparent someone has a problem with unhealthy eating and it is never addressed, but it's totally okay to get in their business when they are doing something about their weight and being successful at it.
Just my two cents worth.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

BMC 2014

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. 
 Psalm 119:105

Friday, September 19, 2014

She is...I am


She's the places that she has a desire to visit.
She's the pieces of quotes that are splattered in ink in her favorite books.
She's the road trips she hopes to go on.
She's the beautiful characters that mesmerized her in her favorite books.
She's full of dreams, and I hope they one day come true.
~Alexa Evangelista

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

salt water therapy

saltwatertherapy You will keep the mind that is dependent on You
in perfect peace,
for it is trusting in You.
Isaiah 26:3

Some days I awaken from dreams that are simply of the "good ole days" kind. Friends and family and I enjoying life together. Sometimes crazy things; others believable. Yesterday morning, however, I awoke with lingering thoughts of the dream I had throughout the night. You know, the one that begins, wakes you up in a cold sweat, and then resumes where it left off as soon as you fall back to sleep.  It seemed so real. It was so believable.  It was so incredibly frightening.  It was also directly related to my morning's appointment taking place at 9:30 AM.
This does not often happen.  Most of my dreams are of the ridiculous kind...people and places intermingling in random situations.  When I do have a dream related to reality, I know my mind is consumed with whatever it is that is happening.
I knew this first appointment back at the women's imaging clinic would be tough.  My first screening since last October 16th's screening led to further screenings, a needle biopsy, my first ever MRI, and finally surgery.  With each procedure, my body had some interesting and increasingly painful reactions to the stress of the journey I was taking.
Interestingly enough, the results of the screening were not a concern of mine.  God has a plan.  He will take care of me.  It was getting through the procedure that caused me the most anxiety.  Not because it would be painful, but rather because I did not want to be "that" patient who passed out {again} or the person who had a panic attack while otherwise occupied, unable to move or breathe.  The reality that either [or both] of those things could happen hit hard on the drive over, resulting in me falling apart in the parking lot outside of the office.  While it was not a full blown panic attack (thankfully!), it was enough of one that it shook me to the core.  I was most likely the only person walking into the imaging center with puffy red eyes from crying.  At least I saw none other as I walked in and sat there awaiting my turn.
A song had come to mind as I was driving to my appointment and the anxiousness levels were rising. "Forever Reign" lyrics were a soothing balm as I sat in the parking lot and played it off of YouTube on my phone.
"You are peace. You are peace when my fear is crippling." begins one stanza.  Jesus is indeed my peace.  There is no other that can calm me like the name of Jesus whispered from my lips.  My situation did not change, but my awareness of His presence with me did.  It is no wonder in my mind why we sang this song in church on Sunday.  I needed these words, this truth.
Anxiety longs to steal my thoughts away from all else.  It is a struggle, in the moment, to do anything but breathe.  It is a learning process I am in to remain calm and keep my thoughts centered on Jesus when I am under attack by anxiety.  Thankfully, it is less often now that I experience panic attacks than back in the winter months.  With each appointment and each anniversary date that comes and goes, and with continued support from my amazing team of family, friends, and doctors, this, too, shall pass.
As the morning turned into the afternoon, I completed the salt water therapy trio.  Following the morning tears, was a good sweat session of plyometrics; completing the trio was a dip in our pool.
“The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea.” ~Isak Dinesen

beyond the church walls

in this togetherEarlier this summer, our church had an opportunity to help a smaller church in Atlanta with a VBS for their community.  We met in a school every evening for a week.  The boys and I missed going the first night due to being out of town, but we joined in the second evening in order to answer a plea for help mowing the grass at the location.
Little did we know that God used that to draw us in that night and keep us returning for the remainder of the week.  You see, having missed that first night, I felt a disconnect, not sure it was our place to jump into after it had already begun. He showed me differently.
The boys and I had chosen to ride the church bus with everyone else. We were there to help mow the grass, but remained there for the VBS in order to catch a ride back on the bus.
The boys were given tasks in which they could help serve. I took a seat in the assembly area, not for sure of what I would be doing, until...
A young girl comes in, in tears, and has a confrontation with her older sisters right in front of where I am sitting.  I stand up and talk to the younger girl to try and figure out what the problem was.  She attaches herself to me in a matter of seconds and becomes my insta-shadow.  It is now apparent that I am going to be helping in the 3rd & 4th grade class. All week. :)
opening assembly
Overall, the week went well. Kids were loved on and we were loved on in return.  Serving outside of my comfort zone reminded me that I need to get out of my zone more often.
being crafty
The photo below is one of my favorites from the week. As we bowed for prayer at the end of music, I saw this happening before sweet!
a lesson in prayer
My little shadow drew a picture of us together on the very first night. How could I not come back and see her?
she and I
After a trying day 4 on Thursday, we all made it through to enjoy the closing program on Friday night. Some of these children went to school here, but had never been on the stage in front of a crowd of people. It was sweet to get to see them perform our VBS songs for their parents and such.
younger kids closing ceremony closing assembly

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

a greater plan

Then some Jews came from Antioch and Iconium and won the crowd over. They stoned Paul and dragged him outside the city, thinking he was dead. But after the disciples had gathered around him, he got up and went back into the city. The next day he and Barnabas left for Derbe.    Acts 14:19-20
Can you imagine what it took for Paul to get up and go back into that city?  The very city where the people who had stoned him within inches of his life, lived?
Courage is defined online at as "the ability to do something that you know is difficult or dangerous."
When Googled, courage is said to be "strength in the face of pain or grief."
Life often presents hardships, failures, vulnerabilities...
You put yourself out there and wham!  Out of the blue something hits you that you never saw coming.
Perhaps you saw it coming and you could not or did not swerve out of its way.
Or, just maybe, you opened yourself up to a new idea or tried something new and it feels now that people are just watching and waiting for you to trip up or fall flat.
There are going to be those around us that hurt us.
Questions we have go unanswered.
Mysteries of all the "whys" in life are going to remain unsolved this side of heaven.
It takes courage to pull ourselves up by our boot straps an go back to walking again.
But, we will and we do.
There is a greater plan than we can see or understand.
God knows it.
If we know Him, we can trust His plan.
I am reminded of another verse, Acts 4:13...
When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.
Our courage to get back up and to keep on going is rooted in and established by our relationship with the One who gave us this life to live in the first place.
Jesus gives even the most ordinary an extraordinary life to live.
Whether we have it all together or not doesn't matter so much because He's got this...He has me...right where He wants.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

the unspeakable struggle

Sitting on the couch watching the news and browsing fb at the same time, my eyes did not want to believe what the headlines were saying.  I really thought it was a cruel hoax going around on fb because the tv news had not reported it yet.
Then, it hit the screen as breaking news.
Robin Williams was found dead; apparent suicide.
That night, I sat numbed by the reality of it all; saddened by the disease that dictated this was his only way out. Mr. William's death has affected me deeply, unexpectedly.  I have been asking myself what has made his death different than, say, that of Andy Griffith, another of my all time favorite actors.
The answer most assuredly lies within this tragedy's cause itself...depression...or as I refer to it, the unspeakable struggle.  Not many want to talk about it and even fewer want to hear about it or believe it to be worthy topic for conversation.
If you have never suffered from depression, whether situational or clinical, stop right now and give thanks to God.
While I do not know the intricacies of clinical depression, I do know how situational depression and anxiety feels.
I did not talk about it much...most people would not even know if I were not typing this now. Mine was related to my cancer diagnosis and treatment journey that began last October.
As the weeks and months went by, my symptoms worsened.  Each week as I met with my radiology oncologist, she would ask the hard questions and I would say that I was fine.  I could handle it.
Until I could no longer.  Depression and anxiety handled me; they had all along.
I was in denial.  It's more than just a river in Egypt, you know.
Conversations in my head took place every day about how I believed in God and knew He was in control of everything, so these feelings surely needed to just be ignored.  I did not dwell on the negative, but the negative hung over me like a heaviness I have never known. I told myself and others that I have so much to be thankful for that I cannot let the negative dictate my outlook.  I told myself that I did not cry every day nor for long if I did, so it cannot be that bad.
But then...
Panic attacks.  Feeling overwhelmed in large groups.  Flat affect.  Sleeping twice as much as I normally do.
I was a psych major.  I know the danger signs.  I knew all along that I was in denial.  I knew I was suffering from depression and anxiety.  I knew what and how I was feeling was not me, but I was helpless at changing anything.
I broached the subject with a friend of mine who has also had cancer and a similar unspeakable struggle.  She wisely advised me to openly discuss this with my doctor.  To give myself grace through this time and allow myself to be helped were also good pieces of advice.  She told me the conversations I was having with myself about being strong and relying on God were good, but sometimes the strong thing to do is ask for additional help and to rely on God to send the right help.
To be okay with not being okay was tough.
Thankfully, my radiology team members were very understanding and supportive.
Thankfully, I actually went and filled my prescription that same day.
Thankfully, everyone around me in Kroger was too self consumed to notice that I was having a major panic attack standing there waiting on my medication to help stop my panic attacks.
Yes, that did happen.
Thankfully, I began to experience less anxiety and depression after a few days of taking my medication.
And, thankfully, once radiation ended, I was able to taper off my medication under my doctor's care and be free once again.
Many of us will never know the depths of depression as some do.  We may not live with it everyday like others.  This does not mean it does not exist.  It does not mean that we will never experience it to some degree.
Talk to someone if you are suffering silently.
I needed help and finally asked for it.
Once I spoke of my troubles with those who could do something to help me, I realized God was in control and at work in the entire situation all along.  He was working on me...stretching me, growing my faith, and providing for my needs unlike anyone else could have.
He is that good.
Then Asa called to the Lord his God and said, “Lord, there is no one like you to help the powerless against the mighty. Help us, Lord our God, for we rely on You, and in Your name we have come against this vast army. Lord, You are our God; do not let mere mortals prevail against you.”   2 Chronicles 14:11

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


"But God has surely listened and has heard my prayer."  Psalm 66:19

As one who has struggled with weight all of my life, seeing the ups and downs in jean sizes became my reality.  I would lose some pounds only to face a stressor in life and see them return and bring friends along for the ride.  I spent years believing lies, yet secretly hoping for a better reality.  Lies that I am not capable of overcoming my sweet tooth and that I am just not the workout type, topped the list.  I have never really lacked self esteem or self confidence; I know who I am.  However, I know from personal experience, others define me by what they first see.  Having been a plus-size lady for years, I was treated differently, intentionally or not, when I dropped pounds.
My health journey to where I am today began back in 2010.
It is amazing that things do not happen accidentally, even if they seem to in the beginning.
Actually, as the pieces of my story have come together, this story begins way back in high school and college and can be read in this post.
In early 2010, I slipped on a patch of ice and hurt my back.  Firecrackers shooting up and down my back, kind of hurt.  I could not stand up straight, get up and down from sitting/lying without pain, or simply breathe/laugh with ease.  Everything I did or thought was first filtered through pain.
After 3 months, I decided that I could go to the doctor/physical therapist and pay them $ to tell me that I needed to lose weight and exercise more or I could just go start doing that on my own.  I joined the local Y in early May of that year.  Off and on, I would go and walk the track and use the elliptical.  After my back began to feel better on a more consistent basis, I met a wellness coach and she set me up on some weight machines.  I fell in love with lifting weights.  When I went to the Y, I also found myself drinking more water.  I enjoyed going to the Y, but the problem was the inconsistency of my going.
In January of 2011, I began a morning routine and that continued until summer.  Summer changed everything and it was hard to begin again come August.
So, I was a member of the Y and exercising more than before, but not seeing many results.  I did feel better, though.  My back was less troublesome.  This cycle kept repeating itself.  Off and on...on and off.
In April of 2013, having put on a lot of pounds again and feeling so totally controlled by sugar/carbs, I whispered a prayer for help.  Now, I am a Christian and prayer is not a new thing for me, but this prayer was a desperate plea for help.  I was under the influence of something I could not overcome on my own and I was wearing myself out trying.
The next 3 months were filled with one event after another that slowly, but surely, were an answer to that desperate plea for help.  I was learning how to eat less sugar/carbs, losing weight, and feeling better about my appearance.  It was not until August, however, that my thought processes changed and met up with what reality really was.  I saw a friend from high school post a challenge to do 100 push-ups and squats a day for 30 days.  That first day of those push ups/squats were actually easier than I thought they would be.  I had been gaining strength with my trips to the Y, but had never really put myself to the test to prove it until the challenge.
I found myself changing the way I thought about working out.
I challenged myself to do more and do it more consistently.  That 30 challenge turned into an everyday challenge.  I was making time to go work out at the Y, not trying to find some time.  I put more weight on my machines and logged more miles.  It began to pay off to the point where others were noticing the changes and commenting.  Inspiration was born from people I know personally as I saw what they were doing in spite of life's circumstances.
Amazing things.
Against the odds.
This would serve to be very important.
In October, when things were going well and I was seeing muscles in places I have never had them before, a little curveball called cancer entered the picture.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Found by a routine mammogram; stage 0 DCIS.  Treatment: surgery and radiation.
I remember meeting my surgeon for the first time. Through all her information, prognosis, and treatment suggestions, I held it together. I had not once shed a tear about my cancer diagnosis until the moment I opened my mouth to ask her if I could continue to keep on working out. It had become so meaningful to me and I had come so far.
I did not want to give cancer the opportunity to steal this from my life.
I did not want to give myself an excuse to let it.
Encouraged to keep on doing what I was doing and taking one day at a time, I left feeling confident.  Through surgery in November, recovery in December, and radiation in January-March, I fell hard into my workouts.  They were there before cancer.  I felt most like myself when at the Y.  I only missed a few days after surgery and the final week of radiation due to pain/exhaustion.  My friend from high school, a Beachbody coach, gave me great encouragement and helpful tips through my recovery.  It was so hard not doing anything, but my body needed to rest and recover.  So did my mind, but that's a story for another day.
Through the months of battling and holding on, I knew the next step was going to be big and one of faith.  The final avenue to cross in order for my prayer to be answered in full was at my feet.  I borrowed P90X from a friend and ordered a sample pack of Shakeology from my friend, now my coach, who posted the challenge back in August.  I began P90X and drinking Shakeology in April.  I have not looked back since.  In fact, I have ordered my own copy of P90X and 21 Day Fix and look forward to my next bag of Shakeology to arrive each month.
Since April of this year, I have lost over 10 inches and almost 10 pounds.  Since my prayer in April 2013, I have lost 40 pounds.  My God supplied every person and every thing I needed along my fitness journey.  Some characters were indeed characters, but played a pivotal role, nonetheless.
I can do more than I believed possible.
I can work hard, feel good, and see results.
You can too!
Knowledge is power.  Encouragement is key.  Beginning is the first step.  Take it!
I did and will never regret it.  Find something that works for you and get moving.

April 2013 Me and July 2014 Me...Praise God for answered prayer!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Noah's Ark

Last week, we drove the hour over to Locust Grove to visit the animals at Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary.  We were hoping the cooler temperatures would lend to us seeing more of the larger animals, but alas, most stayed in or near their shelters in the shade.  It has to be tough being a bear living in mid-Georgia in the summer.  The animals we did see were worth the trip.
Olive, the emu
head and shoulders above the rest
Peanut Butter or Jelly
2013-12-31 004 078
2013-12-31 004 096

Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Saturday in a Nutshell...

This is the first year since I began blogging in 2009 that I have totally missed posting during an entire month. What happened?  June happened.  And it was awesome...God directed...and totally on the go.  Someday I hope to catch up on posts with June's grand adventures, but today is about yesterday.
It can be summed up pretty well with a few words and a few more pics.
Early morning Walmart run to prepare for a new week...newness with the workout/healthy eating routine begins Monday.
Office runs...Atlanta and Byron. Business is going strong. God is good.
Me time: long overdue pedi for this gal while Scott was busy at the office.
Drive to and from Byron = traffic jams
Evening spent at Piedmont Park at the Atlanta Street Food Festival.
Once home, sat down to shell out freshly picked pecans from yesterday, which happens to be National Pecan Pie Day.
Which is why the final deed of my Saturday was baking a pecan pie with those newly shelled pecans.

driving into the city Atlanta Street Food Festival Best fried pickles EVER by Freckled & Blue my favorite decorated food truck The Fry Guy - voted best food truck 2014 williams bros bbq City view from Piedmont Park free food Happy Nat'l Pecan Pie Day!