Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall + Leaves = FUN

Yes, my friends, it is time again for raking of leaves into piles for the sole purpose of jumping into them and scattering them hither to yonder all the while doing it. Gotta love it! And love it we do. In the three seasons of fall that we've lived here this day is looked forward to with great anticipation...and today was a perfect fall day for our annual leaf pile jump-a-thon.

Our previous yard had no trees...it is quite a different story now. Trees, trees, and more trees who are more than willing to shed their leaves for our pleasure. I've been amazed since moving to GA that the trees down here are not like those in the Northern states. These are just plain stubborn and refuse to drop their leaves around the same time. We know fall is coming when the leaves of one certain tree turn red and proceed to all fall off before any others even think of changing color. It's hilarious to hear the boys refer to "the naked tree". Other trees don't ever lose their brown, dead leaves until the new ones sprout in the spring. So, yeah, we have leaves falling from late October until March...nice. :)
The boys and I enjoyed our afternoon of raking and jumping...and relaxing in the leaf piles together. So much joy on their faces as they prepare for the first jump of the year...as well as joy in my heart because I know they are having fun doing something so totally provided by our Creator, God. He indeed is good...all the time.

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