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Family and the Late Night Snack

We awoke rather early that first morning of was nice and cool as we prepared for our day.  We had a light breakfast at the hotel coffee shop basically by ourselves due to the early rising hour.  We strolled by the pool to check the water temperature and see the new waterslide awaiting our attention.  It looked so inviting!  On went our stroll around the resort, taking time, of course, to stop and smell the roses along the way.   
Our room came with complimentary driving range passes and golf cart access, so we took the boys out for a morning golf adventure before the heat of the day came.  I joined in on the fun at the driving range and in spite of using junior right handed clubs it was alot of fun.  After enjoying the cool morning of golfing, we let the boys go swimming and try out the waterslide before heading over to Scott's great aunt and uncle's house for a visit and lunch.
There are two kinds of family where even if first meeting you feel as if you've known them all of your life...or one where you meet, get through an awkward few moments of politeness and look for the quickest exit route.  Visiting with Aunt Pat and Uncle Walter is always great!  So causal and yet so informative of the history of their lives...of our family's life.  It's a time we all look forward to.  The boys love chatting with them and telling them stories, too.  Scott's dad's cousin Susan was there, too, and we so enjoyed meeting her.  She was so warm to us and the boys for having never met three of us before.  She was there helping her parents for a few weeks.  The boys took to her right away and enjoyed the golf cart rides she gave them to and from lunch.  After lunch then back at the house, she treated them to a variety of flavors of ice cream to sample and choose from for dessert.  One she introduced me to was from Ben & Jerry's called "Late Night Snack".  Guess what's in it...caramel and chocolate covered potato chip clusters.  I had to try it just to see what it was like.  Those were sure enough real potato chips inside that chocolate coating...tasted like Lays even.  Not my kind of combination for ice cream, though, but it was fun trying a new flavor.  
After our wonderful visit with our Roth family, we headed back for the Wigwam for some more splashes in the pool and an early bedtime.  After a little bit in the pool, I left Scott and the boys to their water games and I headed to Walmart to gather our food and water supply for the days ahead.  Alex was the only one awake when I got back around 7 pm Phoenix time.  The otherwise quiet city had just come to life and we were headed to bed.  Such is the life of an East Coast visitor to the West.


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