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Birthday #9


Today was a fun day for our household...we took our fall break day today so Alex was in charge of our agenda, as much as a 9 year old can be. :)We began our morning with Alex opening his presents.  The boys had a sleepover on the air mattress in our living room last evening, so that's where we found ourselves for the big moment with a still sleepyeyed Birthday Boy.  Alex had a busy weekend camping and riding motorcycles with his uncle, then he broke out with a terrible rash which kept him from sleeping very well last night.  He was rather quiet while opening his gifts, but he was happy.   We moved on to making cupcakes to share with our friends at Good News Club this afternoon.  Alex has always loved helping cook and bake.  His favorite cake is a white cake, so 24 white cupcakes were on the menu...half to be frosted with chocolate and half with green tinted vanilla.  It made the house smell so good!
Cupcakes cooling, we went out for a midmorning Dunkin' Donuts treat.  Yes, we spent the day runnin' on Dunkin' today.  Doubt if I ever ran off that donut...but, it was good.The downtown library was next on Alex's to do list.  They enjoy this library alot.  You don't check out books there, you simply read them while you enjoy the quietness around you.  We've been to several kid programs there before, but today was just to sit and enjoy reading together.  I studied my GNC lesson while they read book after book.  A wonderful time.
Leaving the library, a crowd had gathered on both sides of the street.  I asked a gentleman what the occasion was and he told us about the traveling Vietnam Memorial that was scheduled to go through downtown Newnan at noon.  That was only 7 minutes away, so of course we took our place on the sidewalk with the others and awaited the caravan.  It was a wonderful thing to be sharing with my boys...a door to a great history lesson even if it was a day off of school for us.

After the mobile wall truck and its escort of motorcycles rolled through, we walked to our car only to realize getting home any time soon was out of the question.  Traffic was congested and the road home was still blocked off.  Hungry and going nowhere fast, we took off on foot for a local pizza place for a bite to eat.  Expecting it to be crowded, I held my breath opening the door.  Pleasantly surprised to see plenty of seats open for a quick lunch.  Apparently, the secret isn't out yet on how great the food is there, yet. :)       
We came home to relax and frost the now cooled cupcakes before heading out to the Good News Club.  Alex's dream of getting to take a birthday treat into school came true.  It made me smile.  At the end of club today we sang him Happy Birthday and passed out the cupcakes as the kids went home.  Happiness shared with friends.  Check.
The rest of our afternoon and evening was spent at home watching the weather decide whether or not to rain or shine, all the while putting together Lego sets and building forts in the living room.  Overall a really great day, according to Alex...and I concur. 
Let me tell you about my wonderful son, Alex.  He loves to learn.  He loves to make the most of every moment.  He is natured alot like Daddy in these regards.  He is sentimental and sensitive, wtih a touch of opinion thrown in now and again.  He favors me here.  Today, he chose the library as his place of choice to spend some of his birthday.  And, at lunch, he brought in his Bible Memory lessons to work on while we waited for our food.  He's complex in a good sort of way.  A perfect mix.  My son.  And I love him.


  1. what a fun day! How it warms my heart that he chose the library!! oh wow, what a great memory :)

    Happy Birthday!


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