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I saw a post from The MOB Society (Mothers of Boys) on dreaming with my sons, not for them.  Very powerful and insightful words from Lisa Whittle...
"Because, I realized…it is never a mother’s job to dream for her kids. It is her privilege to get to dream with them."
I desire for my boys to realize that life is about living, not conforming.
Just look at Jesus.
Jesus is the Hero of all heroes.  Especially where non-conformity is concerned.
After all, He was and is perfect.  He thought outside the box.  He was not at all what the people expected as (or even wanted for) a king but, yet, He is the King of Kings.
He grew up a carpenter's son on Earth...yet, He sits on the throne in Heaven.
Jesus had years of doing the ordinary before the extraordinary began getting others' attention.
Isn't life often just like that?
Years drag on while the ordinary surrounds us.  All of those things we have to do when we are young...all the expectations of how things should be done and when.  Everything all figured out for us by people who cannot fathom our dreams.
I remember dreaming of doing things that were out of the ordinary for my day.  I often wondered what was wrong with me that the normal was not fulfilling for me.  I felt empty, but saw so many around me seemingly full and overflowing.  I could not define the longing, I just knew it existed.  There were days I remember praying to God to just make me normal like everyone else.  Make the ordinary enough for me.  
Praise God that His answer to some prayers is "NO!"!

As I do my part in raising my boys, my prayer is to open their eyes and hearts to things out of the ordinary.  Walking with them, sharing dreams, living life, working hard...all to find the "something more" that God has for them.
And, for me.

My prayer for my boys is also, that, in seeking God's will for their lives, they find their dreams fulfilled in His desires for them.  Then, and only then, will satisfaction overflow in their hearts and lives.
How do I know?

In 2008, I found myself as a wife, mother, and youth group leader, still with a longing for something more, asking God point blank one day, "Is this all there is for me?"  I was at a point in my life where all my dreams had come true, but I did not want to settle into a comfy zone.  I longed for more of Him and His awesomeness.  I wanted Him to pour into me something so totally new and out of the ordinary and out of my comfort zone that it would be very evident it was from Him.  I did not want to miss out on what could be for me by being satisfied with where I was.
I challenge you to ask God this with caution, for He will answer that prayer in ways that will amaze you!
That summer I found myself in Alaska for the first time.  This summer, Lord willing, I will find myself serving there for the sixth time.
God is so awesomely good that He fulfills dreams you do not even know you have.
My prayer for my boys goes on to ask for His inspiration to be what the boys thrive in and look for as they set out to reach goals and dream of what could be in their future.
This brings Jeremiah 29:13-14a to mind...
"'You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.  I will be found by you' - this is the Lord’s declaration..."
Oh, that I will search for Him with all my heart while leading and helping my boys to do the same!


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