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missing in action

I have been home since July 1st...seems so long ago, yet like yesterday.
 I have so longed to post about my 6th amazing journey to Alaska to serve with GraceWorks in Alaska, but there is no internet service in our house yet. Blogging from my phone, although I am doing it right now, is too much trouble to write all I want to say and to post pictures. I am writing now out of sheer desperation to say something...anything that is not about the amount of rain I have seen and felt the past 11 long days. Georgia is now a flourishing rain forest. :)
It is probably a good thing not to have internet, though, so more unpacking gets completed each day. Some boxes were stored in our barn and have not been retrieved due to the mud between here and there. Too soft in the pasture to get there. Maybe tonight or tomorrow.
 So, although missing from the blogosphere, I have been busy in action around the home. I confess that my son and I went to McD's yesterday just to use their free wifi. I have never taken my laptop to a fast food joint before, but I may do it again if our situation does not change soon.
Problem is, no company wants to claim us as being in their service area.
Yes, folks, three businesses in my county are doing nothing to get my business. Strange phenomenon.
One day, at McD's or perhaps at the Y (where I am excited to get back to tomorrow) I will make some time and post about God's amazing works and craftiness in the Last Frontier.
God is God and He is good!


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