Saturday, March 1, 2014

so close

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Driving South on I-85 toward my radiology appointment this past Thursday, the thought crossed my mind of how nice it would be to just keep on going until I ran out of road.  (This would be Mobile, AL, if I continued on I-85 to I-65.)
Wanderlust is setting in big time after 5 weeks of being home with another week and a few days remaining.  
Road trip withdrawal is real, if anyone ever asks.
Knowing there are no less than 11 sleeps until Freedom Day is kinda, sorta, but not really that comforting.  Know how slow those final few work days actually go before your week of vacation?  Yeah, that's where I am.  So close, yet, so far.  There is a glimmer of light at the end of this tunnel visible to the naked eye now, though.  
It is not a problem finding a place to go once this glorious day comes, it is a problem figuring out where to go first.  This, I do not mind having to solve.  :)
Goodbye, February...Hello, Freedom!  

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