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lumpy gravy

Gravy and I have a history.
It's complicated.
If I had a dollar for every time I attempted to make gravy, I'd have...$5.
(Yes, I can count on one hand how many times I have attempted homemade gravy.  If you only count how many times I actually put the gravy out for consumption, my return goes down.)
Over the weekend, my husband mentioned he was hungry for beef tips and rice. So, when grocery shopping Sunday evening upon arriving home from a business trip, I picked up the necessary items to make him some for lunch one day this week.
Today was the day.
The previous four attempts at gravy were hard lessons learned.  No flavor.  Lumps.  Too thick.  Epic fail.  You name the disaster and my gravy consisted of it; sometimes combinations of disasters at once.
So, I've watched videos.  I've consulted with my sister and witnessed her make gravy in front of me. I've read recipes.  I've made mental notes.
This time it was going to be different.
I made the tastiest, but lumpiest gravy in the history of my gravy making life.
At one time, while adding more milk and whisking prayers into the skillet in front of me, I wished I had my blender so I could puree it.
But, it had taste {at least} so I left it on the lunch menu.
***Let me just make a sidenote, here that I realize I could have just thickened some beef broth...I wanted to make gravy instead, though. I went in with confidence it would be different this time around.***
Also, allow me to state that when opening the bag of brown rice I had cooked, successfully, I might add, it EXPLODED all over the countertop and stove.
Consequently, when Scott came in and asked if I was okay, #thereweretears.
A whiny voice, huge tears streaming down my cheeks kind of moment.
It happens to the best of us.  Don't judge.
He, being the best husband ever, assured me it was going to be okay and filled his plate like a champ., bless his heart, lumpy gravy and all.
Life goes on.
And blog posts are formed.
Which is the real reason I am here typing out this most recent event which, coincidentally, is making me literally laugh out loud as I remember the play by play of today's lunch prep.
You see, God began laying out some parallels to this gravy catastrophe while washing up the lunch dishes.
Similar to my "it will be different this time" mentality, there are times when we think we can manage an area in our lives in which we struggle...experience weakness...should just all together avoid...because the chances of it going all together wrong are high.  Yet, we enter in with confidence anyway. And, right before our very eyes we see that it's spiraling out of control at a consistent pace. Instead of just stopping there, we keep on doing the same thing (adding liquid; whisking) and end up with a less than happy ending.  Just like the last time.
While as a follower of Jesus, there is grace and forgiveness extended because of the Cross, doing the same thing, even with confidence, will always get the same result.
Additionally, in another aspect of life that is important to me, lies another parallel.
The parallel between gravy making and fitness does exist if you look for it hard enough and allow me to explain.
Remember what gave me the confidence to attempt gravy again?
I had watched other people do it...and thought it was enough.
Ever watched other people in the gym or on infomercials and think to yourself, "I can do that." So, you get a gym membership or the latest, greatest treadmill and set out on a journey to epic results.
The first few moments are okay.  Still positive.  Still believing the outcome will be nothing short of amazing.
Then, your muscles begin to hurt.
You get bored.
You do what you see others doing (or attempt to), but do not see the results you expected.
You end up in tears, eating the lumpiest gravy ever.
You did not have anyone to lead you step by step.
You lacked support when it got hard.
You were going on motivation that ran out well before the results showed up.
My next attempt with gravy should have been with my sister right beside me, telling me how to me step by step directions until I realized the proper steps to success.  She could have stepped in and stopped my train wreck of a meal from happening.
But, I tried it on my own.
I have realized one important thing through my personal experience with Beachbody, and as a Beachbody coach: doing this alone is not the way to reach goals.
I need professional trainers to teach me step by step instructions.
I need my coach to share her lessons learned the hard way with me, so I don't repeat them myself.
I need my team to encourage me when it's hard (notice: not IF, but WHEN).
I need my tribe to keep me focused and accountable.
I need them and I love them for everything they do for me and with me on this journey.
You see, there is no finish line to cross with health/fitness.
It's a lifestyle.  It keeps on going long past initial goals being met.
If I try going at it alone, I end up getting nowhere.
When I go at this with help, I see results.
Do you need help?
Talk to me.
Let's go at this together.
Likewise, it is time I leave the gravy making up to those who are good at it.
I will bring the dessert.


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