Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a long winter

"No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow." ~ Guinean Proverb

Winter has been a long row to came early and left late, sharing its beauty with us many a day.  I think that we've turned the corner, now, and have encountered SPRING in 2010!  The chilly nights lead the way to warmer days and the sunrise gets earlier each day.  With spring, however, arrives time change...we'll face that come Sunday morning.  That is a whole other subject for another day, though.
I have to admit there were a lot of good moments this winter...giddiness with the first snowflakes that fell (and the second...but the third, not so much...and definitely not the fourth), fires that kept me warm and toasty, fast flying sleds, hot cocoa with little marshmallows, and my favorite pink fuzzy slippers...
There are positives about winter...things that I absolutely love for a time.  I've been spoiled since moving to GA, though, and have become accustomed to enjoying an early spring.  I liked when the daffodils bloomed in late January a couple of years ago...and they've always been open by the end of February.  It was difficult to wait for them to bloom this year.  Worth the wait? much so! 

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