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somewhere between Plan A and Plan Z

Things change so quickly here that for even the easiest of tasks I feel a need for a backup plan...just in case.  Not living and working in the same place calls for some thinking ahead for the "what if" moments that could happen the day.  15 minutes is a long drive when things need to take place "now".  Take yesterday, for instance, I hoped to go to Native New Life again...I knew I wouldn't be back at my room before time to go so I had grabbed a sweatshirt along with my jacket so in case I got something on my t-shirt, I could slip on my sweatshirt and be all nice and clean for church.
Before I even got in the van to go to Calvary (where the teams are housed) I dropped my sweatshirt in one of a thousands puddles.  Not just wet, but black...(dirt is very black here as Mr. Bobby pointed out to us last year during a very hilarious moment on a van ride...he was looking at a pile of asphalt).  I had my jacket, so I picked up my sweatshirt and got in the van anyway.  Maybe I could throw it in with someone's laundry during the day, I thought.  I folded it up and placed it on a table thingy beside the washing machine in hopes someone would do a load of clothes I could throw it in with sometime throughout the day. 
Good plan, but then again, plan B's and C's aren't always up to got thrown in somewhere, but it wasn't the washing machine.  Try the trash can, which was then taken to the dumpster, which is where yours truly had the priviledge to go dumpster diving in order to find it.  NOT in my plan for my day.  Now added to the wet, black spots were red and orange spots too.  More Shout applied and I once again folded my wet, dirty sweatshirt neatly and placed it in the same spot it had been, this time with a note on top that it was mine.
Plan B sweatshirt was out.  Still had my jacket that I could keep zipped during church since my t-shirt seemingly was like a magnet to food and liquid particles all day...until I had to go dumpster diving.  It was pouring rain.  Although waterproof, my jacket was wet on the outside...I get too cold to keep a wet article of clothing on inside an already chilly church.
I considered just calling it a day...not feeling well, raining, dumpster diving, familiarizing myself with a new week, a new place, and new people, getting stuff all over my shirt...I wasn't "fit" for church.  Then in comes Traci with my staff shirt.  New person.  I was acceptable...presentable...because someone came to my rescue and I had a Plan H (it was a long day, just trust me).  Throw my new shirt on over my other one and wear my jacket to keep the rain off...but, able to take off my wet jacket once at church because of my new shirt I had been given.  Nice.  Although I have been joking with Traci about not having my staff shirt yet, God knew exactly when that shirt would do me the most good.  His timing is impecable.
God had it all under control.  I really am glad He's my Lord and Savior.  Jesus did for you and me what Traci did for me with the new shirt.  Gave us a clean slate, an acceptable look about us, because of His atonement for our sins.  No longer does God see us in our stains of sin, He sees us under the blood of Jesus, His Perfect Plan.  Washed whiter than snow, we are acceptable.  God is so good!   


  1. Love your connection... I was hoping that your Plan H-M kind of day would allow you to see that illustration.
    Hope this new day (which is also a provision of the Almighty) is filled with more easy reasons to smile and give Him praise.


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