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an "A-ha!" moment

I would rather just all together fast forward through the end of October.  I dread having to see all the gore displayed everywhere you go.  Just not my cup of tea.  I've been searching for the reason I have such ill feelings toward lies deeper than the standard "philosophy" of Halloween.  If it didn't, then I wouldn't have a struggle every single year about what to do with it where my boys are concerned.
Do we do the activity at church?  Is it really necessary?  Do we carve pumpkins?  Am I being legalistic?  Oh, the questions are endless...and seemingly without answers.
Until yesterday.
I've been praying really long and hard to find out my biggest beef with Halloween.  And, praise God, I think I've found it!  Along with many prayers, I took some time yesterday afternoon and Googled "should Christians celebrate Halloween".  Note: This is coming off of the night before when I caved in and took my boys to the church for AWANA's trunk or treat event.  Only to come home and wonder why we went...AGAIN.  I've felt like this every year that we've gone.
Back to my search...I read several articles by Christian groups.  One can find support for and against Halloween without much ado.  You can find reasons to totally avoid it, Christmas, and Easter for that matter.  My issue isn't with those other two, so on I read and read and read.  The History Channel even did a show on the origins of Halloween that I watched some of to see what they said about how it has come to be such an event as it is.  (Seeing that made me want to avoid it even more, by the way.  Why?  I ask...why would a Christian who is called to be set apart want to associate with such activities?)
Anyway, as I read a blogger's views on Halloween, she struck a cord in my heart.  I have found my reason. 
It's the fact that I believed in the lie that my kids are "missing out" if I don't celebrate Halloween.
How many times have I believed that lie before even in my own life?  Too many.
"Just think what you'll miss out on if you don't..."
Fill in the blank with anything that I am convicted to be wrong, yet choose to do anyway and I'll find myself believing a lie straight from the pit of Hades.
Satan takes joy in deceiving me and getting me to rationalize myself into settling into something for the sake of not missing out.  Guilt is a very effective tool on me.
The simple fact that even though there are Fall Festivals and the like as an "alternate" to Halloween parties is proof that we're believing that we're missing out on something so we Christianize it (or try to) and justify being able to celebrate right along with the World.  
It's not the activities such as dressing up, getting candy, or even carving's believing in my heart that I have to do these things or I'm depriving my children of something they need.  
No longer will I believe this lie. 
"And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

"His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness."  2 Peter 1:3

I'm now ready for next year's battle.  Bring it on! 
My God is bigger and stronger and by His grace I'll never forget what He's taught me about being complete in Him.


  1. What a lovely post. Thanks for visiting my blog today. Your comment "How many times have I believed that lie before even in my own life? Too many.
    "Just think what you'll miss out on if you don't..." "
    is something that I worked out when I was about 36 or so, a big step forward for me. I don't think I have thought of applying it to my kids. Anyway, it gives me something to think about. I found with Christmas that when my kids were little I copied what my Mum did I suppose to keep her happy. What I believe now is that I should have done what I wanted to do, as that was my job as a Mum/Mom. My Mum is not a born again Christian.


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