Saturday, November 6, 2010

Florida Keys...last two days!

One last full day in the started with a relaxing morning, poolside.  Beginning our journey North was the only event on our schedule.  Everything else was icing on the cake.                                              We weren't on the road long before sidetracking to see what we could see.  Surprisingly, we found a rather big beach.  It was nice, but you had to tread carefully due to all the broken glass on the sand.  Treading carefully, indeed...up the beach not too far from where we were, apparently, bathing suits were optional.  (A HUGE thank you to the gentleman who gave me a head's up on that!)
The beach was home to some beautiful shells and fallen coconuts.  The boys were so determined to break open a coconut like they do on Survivor!  They found some large pieces of coral to bang the coconut on to try and get it to bust.  It never broke open, but it was neat to see them put into action the methods that had worked for others.  They gave it a gallant effort.
On our way again, the only thing left on our wish list of things to do/see in the Keys was rent some jet skis and have some fun on the ocean waves.  We were directed to find a rental on the Gulf side due to windy conditions on the Atlantic.  No problem.  Found a little place with a sign out front and in about 10 minutes we were on our way, jetting over the
 warm water of the Gulf.  It was so fun!  The boys took turns riding with Scott and I...they liked jumping in the ocean in order to make the switch.  Our half hour went by quickly, but it was just enough.  The wind picked up and I was definitely getting chilly as the spray hit me.  Memories made. 
Jet Skis...CHECK! 
Next up was to figure out where to stay for the night.  (Remember from day one, we are spontaneous travelers).  We thought about staying at Sunset Cove again, but we were open to something new.  Let me tell you, that made for a great thing.  The Matecumbe Resort was the find of the trip!  (What got our attention was the "heated pool" sign posted by the road).  It was on the Atlantic side of the ocean...had a heated pool...and was the best spot for viewing the sunset found yet.  (We didn't stay on Key West, so the sunsets were hit and miss).  Add to the list of pros, was just over a mile from the best food on the Keys, and you have a perfect way to end our trip.  Dinner was at The Hungry Tarpon and it was delicious!  They had the seco
nd best Key Lime Pie (to mine) was a mango/key lime pie.  Should have chosen just the plain key lime pie, but there's always next time. :)
The rain moved in overnight...and remained the entire drive back to Miami.  It didn't dampen things for us in our hearts and mind, though.  It had been a great trip!  My tan's not going to last long, though, wearing sweatshirts and jeans in this chilly Atlanta air.                

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  1. These are just beautiful! We live in FL, and haven't been to the keyes since I was a little girl. My husband has never been! Can you believe that?