Sunday, November 28, 2010

L.E.N.S. photo challenge: your best shot

Tonight, after an 8 hour roadtrip home from Thanksgiving in Indiana, the boys were enjoying their freedom from the car. 
We decorate for Christmas before leaving, so all we have to do is plug everything in and presto!'s Christmastime! 
The boys started pretending that Alex was Santa and Tim was supposed to sit on his lap and tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas.  It was hilarious...Tim kept slipping off his lap and the giggles and belly laughs just kept coming.
A few minutes later, they grabbed the red beanbag and pretended it was a toy bag...all that was missing was the red suit, boots, and beard.  

Although, it was supposed to be my best shot (singular) for the L.E.N.S. photo challenge, how can I choose one boy over the other?

The photos that follow are of the Santa's lap moment...and some brotherly love time with the two of them discussing things over and giggling their way through photos for the memory books.

Wish you could have been there!   


  1. I love your photos....wish I was already decorated, too! I am your newest follower, and I am in Georgia, too!

  2. what fun smiles. my girls love decorating for christmas - especially the youngest. Great photos!

  3. Oooohhh Janet they are too handsome! How fun and awesome that they have so much fun helping. Their smiles are just priceless! What great memories in the making. :) Great great great picks for this week!

  4. Thanks, everyone! We're going to be decorating our school room this week, too...I can't wait!

  5. how fun, I couldn't have chosen just one either! What great memories and great photo album pages they will have to look thru and remember! Thanks for sharing with us!