Thursday, August 18, 2011

1st Day of School

We began our 2011-2012 school year yesterday morning.  It was a good day. 
I awoke to my alarm going off at 4:30 so I could get back into the routine of going to the Y in the mornings.  It was a good reminder of how much more I get done in the mornings when I go to the Y first thing.
I saw Scott off to work. 
The boys awoke in good moods and were more than pleasant getting up and moving.
School started in good measure and we had a very productive first day.
We enjoyed a swim at Nana's house after school..celebrating anything and everything poolside is always a great treat!
Worshipped at Church Wednesday evening...good time of fellowship with friends following the service.
My favorite moment of the day...
At bedtime, Alex came to me and gave me a big hug and said, "I had a great day with you today!  Love you so ready for another great day tomorrow?"
Yes, my sweet Alex.  Many times over.
A good day indeed.


  1. Such a nice first day! We start back after Labor Day. I think a bouquet of fresh flowers is a wonderful addition to a teacher's desk :)

  2. Oh it sounds like your first day was awesome!! How fun! Love it all... Welcome back to school. :) We start on the 29th

  3. Love reading about your first day. I am looking forward to when we are able to homeschool again!

  4. Thanks, everyone! We have had a great start to our school year!