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Oh, to be here again...

Missing Alaska today.
Wishing I were there again...especially trekking across Matanuska Glacier.
It was an extraordinary adventure with sunshine, warm temperatures, and my friend, Kim, who loves Alaska as much as I do.
We drove to the address I had for glacier trekking, only to find the little shack in the middle of nowhere closed with a phone number to call for more info.  I called and was informed that an excursion was going to be taking off in just a few minutes, less than two miles from where we were at the time.  So, after backtracking down a gravel road we drove to find the shack in the middle of nowhere, we made our way on down to MICA Tours and prepped for our first ever trek into the heart of a glacier.
We were expecting an hour and a half trek, but the one going out was 3 hours...and for a little more than we expected...but we went anyway.
It was the right thing to do.
On the ride back to where our car was parked, we learned from those with us on our trek that this hike almost didn't happen for us.  The group we were with had been scheduled to leave a half hour earlier, but for whatever reason, they were delayed.  When my phone call came in they figured that waiting a few more minutes wouldn't make that much of a difference, so they waited on us to arrive and get all of our gear on so we could join in on the fun.  Kim and I looked at each other in the van in disbelief that we almost missed the entire awesome trek by a matter of seconds.  God was so good to us to give us this afternoon and we were very thankful for it!
Three hours of walking on a beautiful, slushy bed of blue ice with warm sunshine on my shoulders...
It made me happy.



  1. oh wow, what a wonderful adventure! Your photos are just stunning!


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