Tuesday, August 21, 2012

something old...something new

Things I was reminded of at Bible Memory Camp this summer...
plus a few newly acquired tidbits of awesomeness...

Camp is camp no matter the address.
Peru is the birthplace of potatoes.
Florida grows some really big bugs of the icky variety.
When God is involved, numbers do not matter.
Grasshoppers are a delicacy to turtles.
Rowing does not come naturally to all boys.
If you buy one completo, it's only one dollar...but, if you buy two completos, it's only two dollars...But, if you  buy three completos, it's only three dollars...BUT...
Camp songs do not go out of style, but do take on some new characteristics time to time..."Hey, Cows!"
Fire ants are real.
Hot & humid take on a new meaning during a week of camp in the Sunshine State.
While missing out on seeing my BMC family of familiar faces, meeting new camp friends is always a joy!
The water balloon tying thing-a-ma-jig (once you get the hang of it) is awesome!
Certain games take me back to my camper days at just the mention of their titles.
Hearing kids say "Next year at camp, we can/should..." makes me smile.
11 year olds get bored during snooze time and make hand puppets that argue with each other.
Swimming in warm water at camp is possible.
"Is it new socks?" can bring the house down.
God can allow rain to fall all around, but not directly on us when He so chooses.
"Mmm Pop-as" cost the same as completos.
Skit-tels is...really good!

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