Friday, October 18, 2013

HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!


Happy Birthday, Alex!

Today we celebrated Alex's 11th Birthday.  It began early...and ran late.  He and Tim are just getting off to bed now.  
It has been a week long celebration beginning in IN over last weekend with my family.  Usually we take off school on the boys' birthdays, but because he had his golfing and birthday celebration with Nana and Pawpaw on Monday, we had school today...after the annual stop at Duncan Donuts for two round goodies with holes in the middle (three if you count the FREE one he was given, too, but hasn't devoured yet).  I cannot complain for I was introduced to pumpkin spice {decaf} coffee today.  I am in love.  Yes, in LOVE!
Moving on...even though I could really go for another cup of that amazing brew...
DD, school, and lunch with Grandpa and Grandma Roth completed our morning.  Alex chose to eat lunch at the Downtown Grill.  It was a wonderful surprise that he chose this particular restaurant because it has a personal favorite of mine on the menu: fried green tomato BLT.  Yes, bacon and the infamous Southern classic fried green tomatoes on a sandwich together!  I was so happy and beginning to feel as if it were my birthday, too.  :) 
After lunch, we made a pitstop at Walmart for batteries and then made our way home to begin playing Monopoly Electronic Banking, one of A's presents from his grandparents.  The game is still going be continued...Tim's in the lead, then Alex, and while I am still in the game, I'm one roll away from bankruptcy.
A little down time led to play time outside.  I was taken for a dunebuggy ride of a lifetime by Alex.  He did a great job at keeping all four wheels on the ground most of the time. :)  It was a joy to ride with him.  Time together is a blessing.
I love this handsome, goofy, loving, growing up so fast, young man so much!
Happy Birthday!

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