Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Day in Vermont

Awaking to a world refreshed from a thoroughly soaking rain throughout the sleeping hours, drying out in the morning's sunshine, is energizing. Especially since we had decided to grill out for dinner; the rains came while dinner was sizzling over the fire. Had to cover the firepit grill holding our food with tin foil so it would continue to cook.  A table cloth can serve as a poncho when it needs to, fyi. Guess how I know.
The boys jumped into the campground's swimming pool and I rescued frogs from their impending death while listening to the boys' squeal about the cold water as Scott challenged them to do dives and such, while the laundry did its thing, before heading out for Vermont.  For real, this time, and in our van as opposed to on foot.
Our one scheduled stop for the day?
2014-08-22 001 557
Ben and Jerry's.
Simple. Goodness.
Took a tour. Tasted a sample. Bought a T-shirt.
Soon after leaving B&J's, we drove by one of those infamous covered bridges that always show up in calendars. Yes, we stopped and took pictures.  And, yes, it was a bucket list item of mine to see one in person.  So happy it happened out of the blue on our route through The Green Mountain State.
RoadTrip 2014

Driving through Vermont was joyful.  Such beauty everywhere.  All backroad travel.  Some were even gravel.

 RoadTrip 2014
Dinner was at a diner literally in the middle of nowhere, near a river, and a snowmobile for sale.
RoadTrip 2014 RoadTrip 2014
I got a piece of homemade pie to go; it looked soooo good.
Lazy Lions Campground was our sleeping destination.  We saw a skunk near the bathhouse soon after settling in and not long after its sighting, a creature knocked over our coffee maker which was brewing some decaf I was hoping to have with my slice of pie.  Did not know skunks liked coffee.  The second try for coffee worked without incident.  It must have had enough from the first tasting.
The gentleman, who checked us in, gave us some ideas of things to do in the morning before leaving Barre, VT.  Not often does one get told to visit a cemetary as a "must see" in town.  It is because granite is mined there and everyone has access to it in mass quantities.  They put some creativity and personalization into grave markers.  Saw it for ourselves because we went.  How could we not?  The only other thing he mentioned to do was go see the quarry.  We chose the cemetary over the quarry.  It did not fail.
  382 2014-08-22 001 546 And, also while in town, we visited an urgent care.  It would not be a Roth vacation without it.  Tim was given some antibiotics to clear up his sinus infection and we were on our way to a healthy boy for the rest of the trip.  Thank you, kind doctor.

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