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Alex turns 12...

049 We have arrived at the preteen year.
The year of 12.
The year where he begins to step up and out of childhood and into the world of teen-dom.
I am not really sure either, he nor I, are ready for this, but here we go.
My first born.  The one who gave me the name of "Mom" for real. (There's a story behind that "for real" part from my college days for another day.)
My Alexander Henry, named after his great-grandfathers on both sides of the family.  The one who has always been task oriented, self motivated, and energized like a pink bunny we all know and love.
He's growing up.
When I first held him in my arms I did not believe I could love him any more than in that moment.
But, I do.
In spite of our similarities and differences, agreements and disagreements, highs and lows, this boy has my heart.
Always and forever.
No matter what.

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