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Mount Rainier National Park

May 29th-30th, 2015
The afternoon sun was still shining bright when we rolled into Mount Ranier National Park Friday afternoon. The best thing about the park is that there is no tv, wifi, or cell phone reception anywhere. Nothing to do but enjoy the outdoors and family time. 
As we drove into the park, on our way to the Lodge, there was this pullover spot to enjoy the view of Rainier.  Those clouds you see above the summit were part of a cluster of clouds that lingered, hiding the summit from view for a long time. We had to leave the first vantage point. Thankfully there was this view available a little further into the park once the clouds lifted.
I am not for sure what it is about Rainier that captivates me so.  It's not like I have never seen a beautiful mountain before...I'm one of the lucky 30% who has seen Denali in all of its glory.  Maybe it is because I have seen and fallen in love with such grandeur that I just could not get enough of this view. There is a peaceful serenity when standing in front of something so much larger than I am.  It puts me in my place.  Reminds me of my Creator and His supreme creativity.  I am made in His image.  Humbling thought. 

Also driving in, we stopped and played in a creek and again to hike a trail beside a waterfall.  It was a beautiful evening.  Once we were checked into our room, Scott took some time to relax with snow capped mountains in his view, his feet up, and an interesting history of the lodge to read. The boys and I took a walk and found some snow.  Not exactly what I dream of on a summer vacation, but it was a beauty to behold as it melted. {smile emoticon} The night was spent exploring, enjoying each other's company, and sleeping.  The boys had sandwiches in the room while Scott and I enjoyed a dinner in the lodge dining room.  Soon after, the boys went to the Lodge to play some Monopoly while Scott and I settled in our room for the night.  Never slept better on the trip.  



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