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Best Friends Forever

" to one, friendship to many, and good will to all."
I saw this written on a wall of the Detroit airport just this past weekend while walking the halls waiting for my flight. Don't know who came up with it, but it sure is a nice thought. Simple, yet profound.

This made me think of those whom I call "Friend" and how much of an impact a person can make on my life. My best friend, Deb, for instance...we met 15 years ago at Taylor University Ft. Wayne. Don't really remember how we became friends, but it probably had something to do with trying to survive Dr. Wes' class on the Old Testament. Since then, we've had the best of times together and some pretty tough ones too. Praise God we made it through them and remain friends...I don't know what I would do without her in my life.

I can truly say she's one who knows everything about me and loves me anyway...she's the best! She gets my humor...she knows my moods and lets me get away with them or tells me to get over it with all the class a best friend can have...she lets me be me. Who could have a better BFF?

I do believe that if we've made it through all that's happened in the last 15 years and are still friends, we'll be good to go for the next 50 with no problems! Love ya, Girl!


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