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a quiet house

It's been a good Labor Day weekend, and now the house is quiet and we're not quite sure what to do with ourselves. The weekend started off with a trip down to Callaway Gardens for the Hot Air Balloon Glow with Terri and Daniel. It was fun to see the hot air balloons getting filled and then seeing their beautiful colors light up by the flames at dusk. It was something to behold.
My sister and her family arrived home about 30 minutes after the boys and I got back from the balloon glow. We stayed up kind of late, but it was fun. The kids were so excited to see one another again.
Saturday, I made a feast of a breakfast....waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage...the works! I'm not one to eat breakfast much, but I enjoy making it for others. I love to cook for my family and friends anytime, though, so it was a blast for me. After finishing, we took off for the day. Stopped by and showed my family the new office and property on the way to the Varsity and the World of Coke. The Varsity was packed with football fans and dragon-con people (Marvel Comics event in town). It was almost too busy to get a true feel of the Varsity...they didn't even have a change to yell "What'll ya have?" at was too busy and too loud. The kids liked the hats. We were all ready to get out of there, really...and head to the WofC. My boys were excited to go back again...they loved getting their own bottles of Coke after tasting all the flavors. This time around, Alex and Tim went pretty much for the North America flavors and had their fill. Can't say that I blame them for that... :) (note: I was reminded as to why we don't go downtown on a weekend, especially a holiday weekend at that, to the attractions...crazy busy and crowded with lines everywhere).

We had a quiet, then at the house watching the kids play in the pool. It was a great time with family and really nice knowing I didn't have a drive awaiting me the next day (but that never stops me from going again and again). :)

Today we had a lazy morning at the house and then we went out to eat brunch before the roadtrip North started. It's hard on the boys when it's time to say goodbye. They have big hearts like their mama and it always gets the best of them come time to say goodbye. A few tears were shed today after the car pulled out, but it just makes it sweeter the next time we see each other. Goodbyes are like that...I don't like them, but try to make the most of them.

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