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for the hundredth time...

Roadtrips give me lots of time to think. I like this. About halfway into my 12 hour trip home from Michigan, I started thinking about all the little things I find myself repeating to the boys, wondering why they just don't seem to remember them. This came after the infamous phrase, "For the hundreth time..." flowed from my lips. Ugh! I said it. Now, let me interject here that my boys are great travelers. I have nothing to complain about for they handle long car rides and airplane trips like seasoned travelers...and having been traveling long distances since six weeks old, they are seasoned travelers. In this moment, however, the trip got the best of me and I lost my patience.
After it was all said and done and an apology made for my lack of patience, I thought long and hard about how easy it is for me to "forget" in my own life. Finding myself with little patience, harsh words, judgement on others, selfish motives...the list could go on and on with my shortcomings. "For the hundredth time, Janet...", it could be said. I don't deserve the patience and kindness that God extends my way, but He offers it over and over again when I come to him with a repentant heart. God is consistently good and just...not to mention, merciful. God sets the standard. Now it's up to me to strive harder at meeting it so that I set a good example for my boys and for anyone witnessing my walk through life.
One thing I know: God is forgiving...more than a hundred times over.


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I reminded myself of this recently.
It's not about me at all, this wellness journey I am on to a healhier version of myself.
Not at all.
Never has been, really.

It is about the people who invest in me.
My husband. My boys. My family. My friends.
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When I am not at my best, I'm not giving them a good return for their investment.
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