Thursday, September 30, 2010


Found myself at the library with the boys this afternoon.  Had a good time helping them find some books to read...some of my favorites from my childhood included.  Then we found them some comfy chairs to sit and read while I found a book or so for myself. 
Mind you, it's a new library (only opened about a year ago) and I have only stepped into the "adult" zone as I will refer to it once before today.  I started walking around taking in what sections were where...fiction, nonfiction, biographies, etc.  Several people were there studying, using the computers, and selecting armfuls of books. 
By all means there are numerous books to choose from, but I didn't know where to begin.    It's been awhile since I've read a book for leisure.  Not up to date on the latest "bestseller" list...and not even sure I want to be.  Looked at several books in the "religion" aisle...some of those scare me.  Browsed through "places to go" kind of books, but they mainly were trying to tell me where to eat, sleep and shop instead of telling about an actual city or country.  Not interested. 
Found a true story from Alaska, but I know how it ends and didn't want to cry my eyes out a second time.  Was disappointed they didn't have more about Alaska...I know there are several I'd like to read for I've seen them in airport bookstores at outlandish prices.  I always put them back on the shelf and tell myself just to go to the library when I get home.  Been there.  Done that.  Found none.  Will have to look up the actual titles and request them from another library, I guess.
So, after about 30 minutes of walking around clueless as to what to read, I walk over to where my boys were quietly reading (very proud of them for this, I might add) and ask them if they are ready to go.  Tim looked up and asked me, "Did you find a book?"  I simply told him no and that I'd just enjoy reading some of his to him.  He seemed okay with this, and believe it or not, I am okay with it too.  Quite excited, really. 
Dr. Suess, here we come!           


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  4. Have you read the Mark of the Lion series? It's very good. Graphic at times (realities of the Roman Empire and the sinful nature of man) but incredibly well written characters and historical setting.
    And it brings scriptural context alive. I'm on the second now and my dh is on the third/last.