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rainy day

Yesterday was a rainy like I haven't seen since I was hiking on a glacier in Alaska back in July.  The boys went off to explore the "rivers" in the yard, all the while splashing around in the swirling waters under their feet.   I couldn't help but just quietly walk around and watch them having fun in the rain.  I joined in on the fun after a little while, though...after lunch and on our second set of play clothes. 
Today reminded me of why...I love my boys...I love puddle jumping...and...I really need to get a new umbrella.

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  1. nice kiddie umbrellas haha here's mine -

  2. Those are some fun umbreallas. Beautiful pic and I love the song.

    My son and me at Nostalgic Marveling

    I am now a follower of your blog.

  3. I like the music in your blog. Cute photos! Yep, it's been rainy these days. I like those umbrellas.

  4. Oh, so fun! Isn't it that the kiddos have the nicer stuff (umbrellas) then we do! You need to get yourself a monkey one or something.

  5. oh my daughter would love to get those cute!

    thanks for dropping by on my M&MM...sorry for the late visit....:)


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