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The Gingerbread House

This year the boys and I took on a new project.  Ta-da!  The first ever built by us, gingerbread house.  On Friday afternoon we began our project...and completed it tonight just in time to snap a picture for Mommy & Me Monday.  We had a busy weekend, so the house and sleigh had a good time to solidify before we loaded on the icing and candy.  It was alot of fun watching the boys work together, reading the directions and making plans for what went where.
A few hours, spread over two afternoons, turned into some wonderful memories.


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  1. good for you! those cute little houses take a lot of time and effort but they are so much fun! :) cute picture!

  2. Great job..and even better making the memories. And, maybe a new tradition.

  3. That little house is awesome Janet! And I'll bet the boys had fun doing it with you.

    I made one with the girls..once...a million years ago! (;>)

    Merry Christmas!


  4. So lovely, indeed! Now I want to make a gingerbread house. It's a shame because I have never ever made a gingerbread house before. Thanks for sharing!

    Adin B

  5. Awesome job on the gingerbread house! Even better? The awesome memories that were made!

  6. That looks great. I was thinking of buying 1, but I think we'll wait till next year.

  7. Oh, GREAT gingerbread house! Awesome!

  8. I love that! My Christmas spirit is fading. I hate that! I need to snap out of it, and get busy doing something fun with the kids. :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Great Photo! I love it!(coming by late for Mommy & Me Monday!)

  10. What a fantastic memory!!! What a fantastic house!!! SO awesome!! We are so far beyond this year and are going to be tackling ours tomorrow from scratch. What was I thinking!? lol I hope by the end my kiddos and i have smiles as big as yours and the boys. It looks like it was a fabulous time!! So awesome!! I love it!


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