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3 in 30: November {week 2}

"When you feel like giving up, 
remember why you held on for so long in the first place." 
                                                                            ~ Unknown

3in30 I'm In!!Consistently get back to the Y in the mornings...Made it to the Y every day last week!
Begin making/shopping for Christmas presents...More progress made here with using my hours alone on Friday when the boys went to their Nana & Pawpaw's house to start purchasing some of their presents.  I was also able to begin calendars and photo books for my extended family.
Use gift of encouragement...Little things sometimes mean the most.  Made a friend's day when she received the flowers I sent her "just because".  Emails, notes, and phone calls all were taken time for this week, too.


  1. Wonderful progress!! I love "just because" gifts :)

  2. love it- progress is good! excellent getting started on Christmas!! woot!

  3. Wow, Janet! You have done a fantastic job this past week. Good for you!! And hey, I love the way you browned the 3 in 30 symbol. Can I steal it?

  4. Of course, Jeanine...but I do not know how I did it. :)

  5. thank you for your sweet words - I have thought about them all week and they are so true! Awesome week for you!

    How close is your Y? I have debated rejoining. My children loved going and kept me motivated but over summer we fizzled out or I should say - I did!


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