Saturday, November 5, 2011

November 3 in 30 {week 1}

3in30 I'm In!!Well, week one is coming to a close...getting back in the game wasn't as difficult as I anticipated.  That being said, I'm thankful there are 3 more weeks to make progress.
Consistently get back to the Y in the mornings.  The morning air is crisp and refreshing these days.  Makes me especially thankful for the garage keeping my car free of frost on the windshield.  Made it to the Y 3 mornings...1 evening instead of morning...and the other day was spent on my feet running, just not in the Y. :)
Begin making/shopping for Christmas presents.  Progress on both fronts.  Will have all afternoon tomorrow, too, to make more headway on the projects in the making.  Thankful for the joy brought on when handcrafting presents for others.
Use gift of encouragement.  Sent a few emails this week sharing my heart in them with good friends.  Shared a good word with a new friend I'm making at church, too, and was told that she is thankful for the encouragement God gave her through me.  Thankful God is bigger than my biggest imperfection and makes beauty from ashes.
Hope everyone has had a good first week of November!  Remember, tomorrow's another day...


  1. Awesome, Janet! I'm sure your new friends and those you email will fell so blessed!

  2. Great third goal, and well done at achieving all three this week!

  3. It sounds like you're well on the way to the successful completion of your goals. Well done.

  4. Love this program - what a great idea. And you are doing really well, Janet!