Saturday, November 19, 2011

3 in 30: November {week 3}

3in30 I'm In!!Consistently get back to the Y in the mornings...Made it every day but Friday.  Didn't hear my alarm.  I went this morning in order to make my 5 days. Yay, me!
Begin making/shopping for Christmas presents...Still working on calendars and photobooks and my nephew's blanket.  Every minute of work now is a minute less I'll spend being rushed in December.
Use gift of encouragement...Focused on encouraging my boys this week by spending some special one on one time with each of them.  On Tuesday, Alex and I went to work out together in the fitness center.  He's allowed in there now that he's nine and has been wanting to go with me.  We had alot of fun together!  Encouraging good and healthy habits in his lifestyle now can only help him continue in them on his own as he grows up.  Tim and I spent Thursday evening in the kitchen together making chocolate chip cookies.  He got to do everything...and alot of it all by himself.  Loved seeing him work so hard at getting the job done!  Encourging him in helping cook and teaching him how to do things in the kitchen will help prepare him for life on his own.  You can see photos in my post, Li'l Chef, of our baking together.  So fun!!!
Hope everyone is having a great month of getting some goals met!  God bless as we celebrate Thanksgiving next week!


  1. Great job!! I love your third goal - something that I'm trying to do with my little ones as well :)