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MtR: drawn to Him

Two things that God did this past week in one team were so awesome it had to be His work in the hearts of the people.  One was during chapel on Friday.  Scott K. leads us in Communion on Friday's this summer.  After chapel, I was told by one of their leaders that she saw her father-in-law take Communion for the first time in like 30 years.  His excuse was that He just did not feel worthy or good enough to take that step anymore.  God moved in His heart and He was freely accepting of what Jesus had done for Him and remembered it by sharing in the Lord's Supper.  In that moment, he was drawn to Him in a way unlike years gone by.  One just never knows when what we say or what we do will give room for God to move someone's heart and be drawn to Him like never before.
Today, I saw something that has never happened before during my weeks of mission work in Alaska.  This TX team had been inviting the boys in their park to church all week.  They wanted to make sure that they had a ride to that church this morning, so that the boys would see them there.  I know I wanted to tell them not to get their hopes up in seeing them...people have said they would come before and never shown up...but  myself and others kept quiet and waited to see what would happen.
Still this morning as they were already there prior to us getting there, I was hoping they wouldn't be too disappointed if they didn't show up.
Right at the moment the clock struck the hour for church to begin, the two teenaged boys were spotted coming in the door.  The entire TX team left their seats and surrounded them with hugs as they made their way into the sanctuary.  The boys sat with that team and looked so a part of them.  Something, or someone, in this group said/did something this week and these boys saw God and He drew these boys to Himself.  Tears came to my eyes as I sat there watching it all unfold.  God used a team in a mighty way and their faith was such an encouragement and a reminder to me that the ordinary doesn't always happen.  God works in extraordinary ways.  No matter the reason they came (there were some beautiful teenaged girls on the team that had a little influence on them :) ), they came and heard songs of praise and adoration.  They came and heard a powerful message from God's Word on distancing oneself from God.  They were there and were drawn to Him by the power of Jesus Christ, our Savior.
God is in the business of drawing people to Himself.  I am humbled to be a part of it all!  He is so good!    


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