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week one wrap-up

One entire week has absolutely flown by in spite of having the summer solstice with a long day of sunshine in the middle of it! It has been a great week of ministry here in Anchorage...teams from all over the lower 48 arrived on Sunday with ministry beginning on Monday, lasting until Friday evening.
One team gave testimony to how God used a little girl's bicycle accident for His glory this week. She was riding her bike and and fell, hitting her head and requiring a trip in the ambulance to the hospital to be checked out and given a few stitches. The team's concern over her and her family, prayers, and God's love in their hearts all led this girl's mother...a Muslim sit and talk with the team's host for an hour the day after the accident. God is at work!Another team saw God spreading about finances to provide food for hungry people...all the while providing for the team's expenses, too.
Our team in a new park location met a man whose adult daughter is needing brain surgery soon. One team member's daughter had recently had a similar surgery and was able to bridge a gap by ministering to the man, his daughter, and her children through prayer, counseling, and God's Word. The women on the team gave her a gift bag of traveling goodies, too.
And, our other team saw God give a second chance for ministry when they needed it. During a prayer walk, a couple met a man who appeared to have physical problems. The spoke with him and he seemed standoffish. After the gentleman left, the team member remembered that he had forgotten to ask if there was a work project or a need they could help him fulfill this week. Feeling sorry about forgetting, the team member prayed about it and told God he was sorry for forgetting. Some two hours later, when in Walmart picking up supplies, the team member turned into an aisle and there was the exact gentleman he had spoken to in the park a couple of hours ago. They recognized each other and the team member was then able to ask him about any needs. Our God is all about second chances!
On a personal note, I saw God's hand in a lot of little things...
Allowing rain to fall only during the evening hours.
Puttng the right people at the right places at the right time.
Seeing how a helping hand can make someone's day a little better.
Placing a team of people together and seeing them thrive as they work off of each others' strengths.
Having a car break down in a convenient location.
Providing a moment of rejuvenation at the end of a busy week.
Sharing stories together and bringing forth laughter that was much needed between friends.
Giving one person a niche in which she feels very welcome and needed and appreciated.
Bringing teams many miles to bless them as they bless others.
Changing hearts of stone into hearts of love.
There were just a few of the things I know my God did this week...He is good at what He does!
"Jesus did many other things as well.  If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written."  John 21:25


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