Thursday, December 13, 2012

DPP 13: Pinterest project

For our church dinner last evening I made Rice Krispies treats ornaments.  I saw how cute they were on Pinterest and just wanted to make the ordinary a little less ordinary and a lot more Christmas-y.


Fortunately, we had a few leftover, so I snapped a photo of them for today's entry.
Now, for some reason, they look cuter in the photo than in person.
I made smaller ornaments than the Pinterest post, getting 23-24 ornaments from the normal Rice Krispies Treats recipe.  Since mine were smaller I chose to use miniature marshmallows as the ornament hanger thingamajig.  I also used green and red (red bulb is not visible in this shot) food coloring in the marshmallow goo before adding the crispy rice cereal.
They weren't hard to make, but very time consuming.  And, I did not like how firm the treats were in the end.  Too hard for my liking...I like gooey, stretchy treats.  By my third batch, the ones without food coloring, I had a better end result.  I do not think the food coloring had anything to do with the firmness, but maybe all the manhandling that it takes to form the round balls does.  I took the last batch off the heat earlier than the first two batches, too, but they ended up being the hardest to form into balls because they weren't staying together very well.  I was hoping no one got the idea to start throwing them at each other...the green ornaments are pretty solid and would leave a mark.
I am not sorry I tried this project, but I highly doubt I will ever do it again for the masses.  Maybe the magic is in making only six large ornaments.   For me, the magic is in the original gooey, marshmallowy, easy to bite into, square treats.

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  1. Now those are the most cutest ever!! I haven't seen those on Pinterest yet. How creative and fun!! I bet the boys loved gobbling those up!! Sorry they were so hard. Gooey ones definitely are yummy!