Tuesday, December 25, 2012



Merry Christmas!

The boys woke up around 6 and the Christmas morning activity began a few minutes later.  It is such fun to watch them enjoy the moments of discovering what is under the festive paper and bows!  Here they are about to open their stocking stuffers after the under the tree presents were already opened, hence the hats. 
Well, I had an epic camera failure this morning...all the photos I took with my camera were not there when I downloaded them to my laptop.  Apparently we had a memory card issue.  Thankfully, I had also taken a few with my phone.  I am also thankful it was captured on our video camera.  But, there is still a little disappointment and lack of trust in my camera now...hopefully, it was an isolated case. 
Everyone is enjoying their presents now and breakfast is being cooked up.  It has been a great beginning to our Christmas Day!

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  1. Oh I love their smiles!!! So sorry about your camera. :( :( Merry Christmas dear friend!!