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"What Will They Say Next?!" 3rd Edition

A 5 yr old little girl, Harbor, had her older brother, Alex, and Tim all at her beck and call while playing together. Her favorite being Alex, she told him when he asked her why she had been sitting on the side by herself, "I was waiting for you to check on should have come over and checked on me!" He apologized. She put him back on her A-list. :) 12.29

Alex was singing "The First Noel" while building a sandcastle sweet! 12.27

"Being a Ninja Turtle is hard work!" said Tim, as he finished fighting off the bad guys (a stuffed moose and bear) in the living room while pretending to be Michelangelo. 12.25

The boys had so much fun last night at their SS Christmas party. They were telling us all about it on the way home and their rendition was filled with laughter, some singing of the "new" 12 Days of Christmas, and ending with Tim saying, "Good times...good times!" 12.18

Sitting beside Tim on the couch, I noticed how warm he was. He touched his face and ears and said, "I am warm because I am just so excited about my birthday tomorrow! I get hot just thinking about it!" 12.16

Alex is pondering why reindeer is spelled "rein" this morning. "Who came up with that?" he asked, rhetorically. Then followed up that with, "There are so many wonders of this world and no one to tell you why!" 12.10

Tim, upon tasting some fresh pineapple, exclaimed to me, "Mom, you have to try that pineapple! It's so good, it's better than SpongeBob's house!" 11.30

We were all playing Sorry! tonight, sitting on the floor. The boys were goofing off and I heard this conversation take place between them: Tim to Alex, "Did I hit you in the crops?" Alex laughed and asked him, "Did you say 'crops'? Tim said, "Yes. Did I hit you in the crops?" Alex, almost unable to speak due to laughing, helped his brother out, "It's 'crotch', not 'crops'!" 11.29

Alex removed any doubt that Wonder is all that and more when it comes to store bought bread. Eating a sandwich, he sounded concerned as he asked, "Is there something wrong with this bread? It's all soft and stuff." "No, that's the way bread should be." I replied, laughing. "We just haven't had Wonder bread in awhile." :) 11.26

Tim, upon tasting some fresh pineapple, exclaimed to me, "Mom, you have to try that pineapple! It's so good, it's better than SpongeBob's house!" 11.11

Alex is quoting Si Robertson...I'm just hoping he's not thinking of growing a beard for a few years. 10.28

Listening to the boys over our walkie talkies...hilarious. Tim asked me to buy him a rocketship so he could send Alex into space...all the while he knew Alex was listening. 10.26

Tim came running a minute ago, really excited..."We have hatched a butterfly!" I give you, Spikey, the Butterfly! 10.19

Tim and I spent this afternoon together while Alex was off golfing for his birthday. He has chatted the. entire. time. There's so much going on in that little mind of his! :) 10.17

My personal favorite moment of the boys getting their feet wet with all the hoopla of college football is when Alex came home recently and made reference to the "Alabama Elephants"...and I have not chosen to correct it because, honestly, I don't get what "Big Al" has to do with "The Crimson Tide" either. :) 10.11

It is a moment like this one, sitting within earshot of where Tim's singing "10,000 Reasons" in the shower, that all is at peace in my world. God is good! 10.5

Alex and I were discussing skymiles on the way home tonight and how they work. After some thought, Alex, laughed and said, "Wouldn't it be awesome if we got travel miles for roadtrips? We'd have all kinds of bonus prizes if we did." :) 9.26

Alex's thoughts on fruit, of which, he cannot get enough..."I love fruit. It's so...fruity!" 9.24

Thinking over our day and realizing I was almost talked into letting Alex purchase a Christmas tree for his room while it is still 9.21

Hearing Alex play the piano in the mornings makes for a wonderful start to my day! I ♥ that boy! 9.13

Best moment from tonight: Tim, matter of factly, yet kindly, telling our friends' almost 16 year old son to just call him when he needs some advice on girls. 9.8

Tim made brownies today. Upon enjoying one, still warm from the oven, he told me, "I think that's one of the best brownies I've ever eaten. Mom, you know that saying, 'If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself'? Well, it's true!" 9.5

It's a toss up who is enjoying the rain of tropical storm Isaac more...the fish in our pond or my boys who are out playing in the pouring rain right now. 8.28

What do you think Tim would call an accent mark at piano practice today? A "loud-a-nator", of course. Only my son... 8.23

Alex came running in and grabbed his science book. Me: "What's up?" His reply: "I saw a bird!" I love his love of learning. 8.22

Tim's thoughts on 3rd grade today..."3rd grade is fun. I didn't know it would be so inspirational!" 8.16

Alex was being a little philosophical tonight in the car: "There are so many things in this world to figure out yet...all the why's and what's. It's so overwhelming!" 8.2

Hearing that pancakes are for breakfast, Tim was excited and said,"Good, I've been waiting all week for that!" To which Alex replied, "You've been here a day!" 7.3

The boys are planning on making me breakfast in the morning. Tim told me, "It will work out well...we'll make yours and you can make ours." I wonder if they are scared to eat their own cooking... 5.30

Boys have a busy day today with school, testing, and piano recital tonight. They are calm and collected...Mama has butterflies for them, but knows they will do great! 5.21

Dinner conversation last night began with the boys accounts of the tornado warnings at a number of Bible Memory camps we've experienced together. After a few minutes of "remembering when", Alex pipes up, "Well, it is called Bible Memory for a reason...those tornadoes are memories that God provided for us." I love that boy. ♥ 5.15

Tim, just now..."Mom, you're the age Moses was when he saw the burning bush and God talked to him through it. Maybe I should burn you a bush for your know, in the fire pit and all." Maybe Tim thinks God has something important to tell me... 5.8

Having been away from each other for a whole day, Tim was catching Alex up on what he did. Tim: "I finished my book, 'Lions at Lunchtime' today." Alex: "So what was it about?" Tim: " lunchtime." Classic. 5.6

Last night Tim was telling me about his friends at AWANA, and, after naming them, he said, "The four of us, we're squished!" I think he was going for "tight", but it was so cute, I didn't correct him. :) 4.30

Alex's latest..."I can't wait until Heaven...there won't be things like toe jam and stinky feet up there." Then Tim piped up, "But, it would be nice if we could have Legos in Heaven."

I love being a mom of boys! 4.19

Tim, upon seeing a photo of the 4 little bird eggs in the nest on the corner of the cabin's porch, said we could dye them pink and blue. 4.10

The boys are in the garden tub in their swim trunks trying out their Lego boats they designed and word, yet, if they float. 4.2

I agree wholeheartedly with Tim's summary of revival meetings this week..."God is very powerful and He loves me very much!" 3.15

I am not for sure of their conversation topic, but Tim's response to Alex's suggestion was, "You are being logical. I am being funny." I can only imagine... 3.13

In preparation for time change, Tim asked me earlier this week if it was illegal to not change your clock. When I replied no, he sounded so relieved as he said, "I'm not changing my alarm clock, so I just wanted to make sure they can't arrest me." 3.11

Heard banging and clanging from inside the boys' bathroom. Damage report: Towel rack down for the count due to Tim attempting to do chin ups on it. His account included, "With two feet on the floor it seemed sturdy enough to hold me. It was even doing okay with one foot in the air. When I lifted the second foot...that's when we had a problem." 2.19

Enjoying our lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches made on the George Foreman grill, Alex, with a puzzled look, asked me, "Did you personally name the grill?" 2.16

I have two history buffs in the making...they want a family trip to Washington DC and surrounding areas and they both chose books about George Washington and the Declaration of Independence just now at the library. 2.10

Tim's declaration this morning: "It would have been nice to have been born in France. Then, I'd be French and live in the country with the Eiffel Tower. Maybe we could move there one day." I think Tim's bucket list has it's first item listed. :) 2.8

Last night, tucking the boys in, Alex and I were discussing Lego sets and their costs...Me: "Is there a $1000 Lego set?" Alex: "Yes, but it's from way back in 2003 or so. It's really old." Tim (very matter of factly): "2003? I'm from's not that old! I'm only 8!" 2.3

Still smiling at Tim's revelation yesterday afternoon..."You really do learn something new everyday...whether you want to or not!" 1.20

Sweet music to my ears hearing Alex sing "I am bound...I am bound...I am bound for the Promised Land!" as he was getting ready for bed tonight. 1.16

On the way home from the grocery store this afternoon, I had the radio on low. Tim heard a long note held out and, without skipping a beat, chimed, "Is this that 'Noel' song? That is so last month!" And so begins 2012...♥ 1.9


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