Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Saturday

P1170238 This morning started out just like the weatherman had forecasted...cold and rainy.  I had two boys hoping that he was going to be wrong because they each had a game scheduled for today.  Tim's football game was called off early...Alex's game wasn't called off until game time had rain and lightning removing all doubt in anyone's mind whether or not to start the game.  A & T went off with Nana & Pawpaw once Alex's game was called, so they had something to look forward to even though the games were cancelled.
P1170239Hubby and I made our way running errands, finding a few light fixtures for the new house along the way.
Once back home, I began on a task that has been looming around way too long.  Looking at a move in the next couple of months, I have been boxing things up that are not necessary for life between now and then.  Today, I pulled out the remaining toys from the storage closet.  I've been working on sorting, assembling, and boxing up the baby and toddler toys that my boys have outgrown over the years, but that I keep around for the nephews and friends' babies when they stop by for a visit.
I had stored all the Playmobil sets together in a storage containter.  I knew that I needed to separate the parts into their appropriate sets and get them ready to sell.  My boys gave up Playmobil once Legos walked through the door and into their hearts.  :) was the day!
P1170244In between loads of laundry, I sat with a pile of parts and my laptop sorting and putting together (again) these Playmobil sets.  Of course, it would have been easier if I had kept the manuals, but somewhere between our last move and now, they have disappeared.  (Most likely I will find them in a couple of days.)
I discovered a really cool website to help me figure out what goes with what set with the help of Google.  Between that and photos of sets on eBay,  I turned an overwhelming task into an afternoon of memory lane walking as I put together these toys that once held my boys's attention for hours of their childhood.

I am happy that it's over, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I first imagined.

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  1. Oh, yes! Legos have been HUGE here. I love it. :)