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penser en français

20120825_132524 (1) Back in August, (when the weather was wonderfully, awesomely hot and I had a tan), I found a fellow homeschooling mom selling "French in Ten Minutes a Day" cds for a great price.  The very same day I picked them up, I pushed that puppy into the car's cd player and began my first ten minutes of French.
I had big dreams and high hopes.
I still have big dreams and high hopes...
...but, I must confess to still being on that first cd.
My ten minutes a day has turned into a lot of days...many rewinds and play-it-agains...many, many repeats.
Now, I do not listen to the cd every time I am in the car.  I probably never even listened to it at all during December.  Sometimes, I'm only in the car for 10 minutes at a time.
However, I had an epiphany the other day.
I caught myself thinking in French for the first time ever.
Limited French...French 101, have you, but French, nonetheless!
Something is beginning to click among the already learned English and Spanish words in my brain and some French words are making their way to the top.  This is no small feat, having to fight off the influences of Spanish, "Southernese" that I'm hearing every. single. day. (it hurts my ears at times, if I might add kindly),  "Northernese" that I have picked up from my college days, and the "Indiana southern w/Pennsylvania Dutch flavor" from my life in the Hoosier State.
I may only be on the 11th track of the first cd of six, but I've invested many 10 minutes in these lessons and have made some progress.  I have a goal to speed up my progress in the next few weeks and listen to more of the language lessons even if I am not able to grasp all they are trying to teach right away.  More exposure has to increase my knowledge, right?  That's what I'm going with anyway.  I am hoping to get the book, complete with sticky notes and flashcards, for Mother's Day.  Maybe seeing some of les mots will help me retain even more.
Why try to learn French at 40?
Why not?  :)


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