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MtR: me vs. first aid clinic

our First Aid clinic mascot

I will make an everlasting covenant with them: I will never stop doing good to them, and I will inspire them to fear me, so that they will never turn away from me. I will rejoice in doing them good and will assuredly plant them in this land with all my heart and soul.  
Jeremiah 32:40-41

Preparing for Alaska last year, there was something new on our agenda.  Tuesday evening had a new item.  A "clinic" would be held back in our community park after dinner.  I read the list of clinics going to be held...they all sounded fun and exciting.
All except one...First Aid
Guess which one was during our week.
First Aid.
I was paralyzed in wonderment at what we could come up with to tell about First Aid and be fun and exciting for the kids to enjoy.
I Googled "First Aid for Kids" and was given many links to coloring sheets and "what to do if" lists.
I borrowed a First Aid kit.
I went with my team to the park...defeated before it even began, trying not to show it too much.
My team came through with funny stories to go along with my boring "what to do if" list and saved the day.
God's good like that.  He gives the words when we need them.
This year, I knew we were going a week earlier than last year, so I was praying and quite confident that the First Aid clinic would be the joy of some other team this summer.  I just knew we'd get the fun and yummy healthy eating clinic and get to serve snacks.  Or, maybe, the art clinic where we got to draw self portraits with finger paints or chalk or shaving cream or pudding.
Week 5:  First Aid
My heart and spirit sank.  Way down.  Defeated already, only this time months in advance.
Now, after all these wonderful years walking down life's trails with Jesus, I know better than to ask, "Why?". "What now?" my heart whispered, more as a prayer than a question.  How was I going to even the score with this dreaded First Aid clinic?
"Help!"  Another prayer...
P1170512 P1170534 Some time later, having allowed myself to finally think about this up and coming First Aid clinic for more than half a nanosecond, God gave me an idea...BooBoo Bears!  (For the record, I do not watch a certain tv show that may share a certain part of the name.)
Teddy Bears or other stuffed animals give comfort to hurting children.  Wrap a few bandages (recycled white T-shirts) around arms, head or legs of these bears, and you have a "BooBoo Bear" that the children can take home with them.  Better yet, have Scripture verses on these white strips used for the bandages, and you have something that will remind them of Jesus' love and healing power over pain in our lives.  I am believing this idea will enhance the normal First Aid basics that will be covered and make it a wonderful time!
Oh, but God did not stop there with the inspirational roll we were on!  It became even sweeter.
How do I get enough small stuffed animals to pass out to the children who come to our park? The answer:  ask for them.  Although asking for things is difficult for me, ask, I did.  I asked our AWANA director if she thought the AWANA kids in our church could donate gently used stuffed animals for us to use...and she said, yes!
The animals have piled up and I feel extremely blessed to be inspired by an awesome God and encouraged by the willingness of children to bless others with stuffed animals from their personal collections.
God allows me to be in overwhelming (and underwhelming) situations for one main purpose: For His Glory.
Only He could provide the solution to the First Aid clinic dilemma   He has come through in a mighty way and I thank Him for all He is doing to make this the First Aid clinic a more memorable and kid-friendly part of our week.


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