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no words spoken

As we were riding home from Alex's baseball game, talking of the game, the memory of the defeat was lingering like a thick fog around us.
A soft, gentle voice from the backseat was heard, "My spirit hurts."  
My firstborn.  
Lover of baseball.  
Excited player of a "real" team.
Defeated pitcher.
Last man at the plate. 
My reply, "Mine does, too, Sweetheart."  And, it does.
For him, the team, our football team (but that's a whole other story unfolding).
He tries so hard at games.  Practices hard.  His heart is in it...and, so far, nothing has paid off.
Before, I would encourage him that even the pro players get walked (and stranded on base) or strike out more times in a game than get a hit or a homerun.  
Tonight, I offered hugs and a little extra "me and Mom time" after everyone else was asleep.
Some hurts heal best with no words spoken.


  1. Oh my heart aches for your little guy and your mommy heart. I have been there with my oldest and as the words don't come and it's hard to describe that little extra me and mom time is just what he needs. To still feel loved and accepted. The pay off will come but it doesn't ease wanting them to see and feel they are reaching their goal. (((Hugs))) in many ways I am still walking this with my oldest. I will definitely being praying for you guys. For words and comfort. For answers to his whys and for God to bring peace and the drive to keep going.

  2. Oh how I understand. What a beautiful picture of how a Mom's heart intertwines with her child's.

  3. Absolutely! Sometimes just a listening ear and a hug is all that's needed!


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