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Good Morning, Moose

You know it is going to be a good day when your wake up call is hearing a strange sound outside your window and this scene fills in the view...

You watch them for a few minutes until they go out of your sight.  You are content, but a friend tells you that a good photo of both calves can be had if you go outside and stand up on a wood pile and look to your left.
So you go outside {in your pj's}, stand up on the wood pile {barefoot}, become swarmed by a thousand mosquitoes {hungry ones}, and see Mama and her two babies looking so cute as they stroll on down, munching on whatever they can find for breakfast.
And this fills you with joy.  Sheer joy.
There is no place like Alaska.


  1. When living in ND we would see Moose on occasion. Then we were given orders to Alaska, I know they would be MUCH more abundant. Ummm I watched some not so glorious shows and developed a fright of them. Growing up around horses, I thought "they are about the same size" hmmm I was wrong!
    I'm still very much frightened of them, but felt secure enough to know, they are some of the most beautiful creatures. I could pull over In my car and watch them for hours. I have TONS of photos. Thanks for bringing up such good memories!


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