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playing catch up today (dpp [day 21])

The only thing making if feel like Christmas today was wearing my favorite Christmas socks.  I think our thermometer topped out at 73° today.  Warm, windy, with intermittent rain.  This is Winter Solstice 2013 in GA...not bad, not bad at all.  I will take any warm weather day in the winter that comes my way and embrace it lovingly!
As for how I spent the first day of winter...after a morning cleaning house, laundry, and dishes...I went to see my therapist hair stylist for a long, overdue haircut.  Met a friend to browse through the Dollar Tree with me because I needed more gift tags and ribbon.  Made it out of the store for with only 12 items...not bad since I haven't been there in about a year.
This is where it gets really good...
My workout for the day...stacking this:


Cool down...a walk in the woods...looking for mistletoe, but discovering Christmas tree future...


and Christmas tree past...

before finding my mistletoe...

Unless we shoot it out of the tree, getting kissed under this mistletoe is going to require some walking to get there first. :)
Winter, you're arrival has been kind.  I thank you!  Longer daylight ahead with promise of Spring to come. December Photo Project 2013


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