Friday, January 10, 2014

And, so, I ran...again...

On vacation.
In the rain, even.
Every morning but two...and out of seven that is not too shabby for me, a non-runner.
Remember this run?  
These runs were not so much out of necessity to work off steam or steady my mind, but more to keep the calm, I have been experiencing as of late, going.  Spurring myself on, giving this New Year a great start while the going is good.
The tough days lay in wait.  I know they are coming.  Out of the blue they will hit.
Maybe these morning runs were my own preparation, of sorts, for those days coming where my energy is non-existent.  Or for the days of overwhelmedness (I consider that a word, thank you.) that will try to steal my joy about where I am today in comparison of where I was a year ago...7 months ago...3 weeks ago, even.  Perhaps, even, I ran for the days ahead when running is not an option.  Time, circumstance, health...they war against getting out and moving.    
I ran for those days.
It was awesome.
It made me smile.
It made me question why I do not like running...for a moment at least.
It gave me a greater appreciation of the "here and now".  Making something happen for myself takes courage. Determination to keep ahold of what I have now keeps me going, even if it means running through city streets on vacation because there is no gym available to me.  Preparation for the future begins with one simple step.  Try something new or different.  If not now, when?  Take a chance on yourself.  Push fear aside.  However, when a little voice inside your head tells you, "It can't be that deep." in reference to a flooded sidewalk in a city located at sea level or just below, don't believe it.  It can be "that" deep and most likely will cover your shoes.  Just saying.  
There is a message in this for everyone...find yours.

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