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my journey


I had a chance tonight to sit down and share with someone about my journey to Alaska. In doing so, I was able to remember myself some of the ways that God had moved to make that even possible in the first place. And, to remember how He spoke to my heart while there and moved in ways only possible of a God in control of all things. Simply amazing. Both times.

I learned on my journey to Alaska that God allows us to have plans, but He is the true author and finisher of them. He makes things happen that we don't even think of...He lets us watch or sometimes take part to bless us. Blessings we sometimes do not deserve, but receive nonetheless. He also taught me along my journey to take myself out of the equation and let Him make it add up. He always does and gets it right...the first time.

Along the way, some things perspective, my goals, my passion...and I'm so glad they did! God is doing something and it's bigger than me. But, He's allowing me to take part and that excites me.

To be used by God...for that God is seen by others. That is the purpose I have and it will continue for as long as I have, that's a purspose statement you can hang your hat on!

May I always remember my journey to AK...and know it wasn't about the destination, it was indeed about the journey God led me on and continues to lead me on today, that I am to remember in the end.


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