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an extra hour

So, it's time to "fall back" an hour again...time change is upon us. So, we are given this extra hour. What do we do with it? Most will sleep this hour away...some will watch the minutes tick by and wonder if it'll ever end, perhaps. Makes me think about the fact that one time each year, many of us get something we long for many days of our lives...more time.
Spend it wisely.

This weekend I had a chance to spend some time with my best friend from college and her son...aka: Baby J. Love having them come and visit...but always sad to see them go, too.
Also had a chance to spend time with others singing in the rain today...that was fun. Gotta watch the "head back" verse while actually singing in the rain, however. :) Love you guys!

Take time today and invest it in someone never know what will happen.


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it's not about me

I reminded myself of this recently.
It's not about me at all, this wellness journey I am on to a healhier version of myself.
Not at all.
Never has been, really.

It is about the people who invest in me.
My husband. My boys. My family. My friends.
They all share themselves with me.
When I am not at my best, I'm not giving them a good return for their investment.
They get the tired looks, the lack of energy excuses, and the wimpy "maybe next time" cop outs.
I have come to realize that those that take precious time to invest in me deserve better from me. I need to adhere to the direction given on any flight I've ever been on that goes something like this: make sure your own oxygen mask is properly secured before helping others. If I don't take care of myself first, my ability to care for others effectively diminishes quickly.
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