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a gentle nudge

Been thinking alot about what a Pastor said in a sermon not too long ago. Talking about the Holy Spirit and how one is able to discern how to make decisions according to how the Spirit leads us. Usually, it was brought out, that often one finds that it's a gentle nudge here and there throughout one's life that leads us exactly to the place of ministry where God wants us to be for His glory. We're nudged out of one place and into another, often without lightning bolts and sirens going off, directing the way.

Sometimes I desire the lightning bolts and sirens...they would be helpful. :) Of course, even I know there are times when God makes it plainly clear how He desires us to move...but others, yeah, not so much. It's in those times, that I find myself in need of quietness so that I can hear how to choose the next step. Not quietness as in a total separation from everything around me, but quietness in that I'm diving into God's Word and spending adequate time in prayer so that the noise of life has a backseat to the Holy Spirit's nudges.

I've spent some time since that Wednesday night sermon thinking about how God has used gentle nudges to get me where I am today. Maybe one day soon I'll share some of those times...some rather recently. There are some awesome God moments in my life. Looking forward to sharing soon more of how God has worked it out to have me here, just where He wants me...for now. And am anticipating how He's going to continue to nudge me along in the days to come. He, indeed, is good all the time.


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