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"Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas." Dale Evans Rogers

Truly, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the's especially so since being blessed with Alex and Tim. The excitement they add to an already special season is priceless.
Asking November 1st when the tree is going up...wearing Santa hats just because...singing Christmas carols with all the gusto little boys can muster...enduring Christmas card picture day...telling me the best gift at Christmas is Jesus...getting up and dancing around every time we hear a favorite Christmas song on the radio...yes, we do enjoy Christmastime.

This year two special memories thus far have been hearing Alex singing "Go Tell it on the Mountain" in the shower and Tim proudly telling me, "I made the lights stop blinking and music-ing." (one strand of lights plays Christmas carols and blinks when you plug them in) However, they carry out the spirit of Christmas all year long. They, to me, are love in action. Beyond the hugs and kisses...they express love to others in unique ways; ways that make people feel special.

Alex...thinker, perfectionist, lover of routine with an occasional spontaneous notion...has a smile that lights up even the dreariest of days.

Timothy...dreamer, contented one, winner of hearts with one look from those big blue eyes...has a way to make friends like no one else I know.

With Alex and Tim, everyday is Christmas.

I wonder if they think the same about me...
top pic...Tim, one week old Christmas Day 2003
bottom pic...Alex, two months old Christmas 2002


  1. Very Sweet! I love the pictures they are way too cute!

  2. Cute pictures!!

    The Lazy Mom

  3. oh those pictures are just TOO cute!!! I can't wait for next week to hold my new niece! new babies at Christmas are so much fun! thanks for linking up!


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